Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why He Has Grown Out Of You

Still on blogging break o, but cannot not share this even if it means hiding the IPad under the bed. Lizzy abeg nor vex, I still remember my promise that when I resume  blogging,your beautiful recipe will be the first post.
Read below why he has grown out of you...

...he has no family name that rings a bell. He is always at the background trying to stay away from the prying eyes of the class because he has been mocked several times because of his looks. He cannot afford to eat three times a day because he needs to pay for notes and textbooks. He walks home daily to and from school to save for rainy days. He does manial jobs to augment the little he gets from home and still tries to study at night when everyone was asleep.
I remember when he walked up to you to ask you out because he feels something for you...the reply you gave him left him struggling to control the tears swelling in his eyes. He wondered why you said, "don't you know someone above your level when you see one? you really have nerves".

He became a laughing stock when you told your friends about it...the looks he got from every female that had heard about it was killing him inside. However, he kept his head up and did what he had to do in order to succeed. He studied and made grades that you secretly wished your rich party boyfriend who treats you like an article got. He kept on showing potential and promise as the days went by. I remember you telling your friends that you cannot suffer in your fathers house and suffer in your husbands house. I remember you saying it is better to cry in a Ferrari than to cry on a bicycle. I remember you saying you are not going to eat potential.

How times have changed; your boyfriend has moved on because younger and more beautiful girls