Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Fashion Style Is Creativity Over Cost

I did a DIY for this dress, made it fit in less than 20 minutes. No sewing machine needed if you don't have. Although I have one because I wanted to learn how to make my outfits myself, or alter to my satisfaction but time didn't let me learn. I never got that free time to learn how to sew. This machine is just wasting here if only I knew how to sew or mend with it, altering a dress should not take more than 10 minutes.  My needle and thread did a good job. I love the dress now. You saw me wear it to church on Sunday.

Budget-friendly-fashion-blogging is my style. When I need inspiration for outfits especially while getting ready for an upcoming event, many times, what I find on fashion blogs is designer wears. There's nothing wrong with designer shoe, designer bags, wrist watches, hair, and powerful designer clothes. I enjoy reading the posts but can't bring myself to pulling those outfits, that purchasing power/muscle is yet to come o. If I have the means, why not?  If I earn millions of naira or dollars or even pound sterling,  then nothing will stop me creating a Nigerian fashion blog with all the latest designer items. I'd be the happiest mom fashion blogger if I could daily update this blog with outfits from Nigeria' a best, but the cost.

Creativity is what I think is going to sustain this blog. I'll for now take creativity over cost. I like my
readers to get inspiration and be able to bear the cost. My outfit posts may not come in daily as I work from home for now and do not dress up all the time. I think there will be many DIY posts, sharing with you guys how I turn badly tailored outfits to wow outfits. There will be posts showing how one outfit can be worn in different ways to create varied looks but I promise not to bore us with repetition. I will by God's grace bring new content to the table, regularly.

 I used the measuring tape to know the length I wanted, cut it longer by 1 inch to enable me fold before hemming. Picked the sewing thread that matches most and voom the hemming is done and worn. That extra there could have been used as a scarf if I wanted to. Quite Easily Done!
In fashion blogging, being creative is very important because it saves cost and readers can relate with you. From time to time, I might just shop because I realise now that I've become more conscious of how I look at all times. I might shop now more than in the past but one thing is sure ..."shopping on a budget" There is one habit that comes with fashion blogging, if one is not careful, they start buying on credit until you are neck deep in debt. Collecting items one cannot afford just for outfit posts might be fun but not really helpful in the long run. I want to buy what I need,  what I can love and continue to wear even after the blog post. If I were younger, maybe I wouldn't think this way. A younger fashion blogger would prefer to impress and wow while enjoying the efizzy but right now, I want to entertain and still  inspire.

With every added year comes wisdom and even responsibilities. Mom fashion bloggers are the best if one is looking for budget friendly shopping or creativity. Fashion should not be all about shopping even when one cannot afford those. Fashion blogging should teach me things I didn't know, things I can share with others, help us save some money as we manage other responsibilities too.

I am thinking about a lot of things right now, especially after waiting fruitlessly for weeks on tailors who keep giving one excuse after the other. My brain is thinking outside the box and I love it. The little teal blue dress came on board while thinking "fashion creativity" Belside the little dress is the piece of cloth I cut off, before altering the length and width with my needle and thread.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Perfect Eyebrow Tip I Learnt Today

This is my eyebrow now, compared to before I started this fashion blog. We are getting there. 

My Eyebrow pencil job has really improved in the last few days compared to how funny I used to line these brows. I just learnt a very important tip that every fashion loving busy woman needs to know. In this chat with Lizzy Obaze, remember her colorful nutritious recipes on wives connection?  she kindly gives me some tips on how to keep rocking those perfect eyebrows without stress. I'm sharing the chat here with her permission. Read it below:

Aunty Eya. Just read the post on the fashion blog about your little teal blue dress.

Your eyebrows have really gotten better. You have fixed the shape and that alone gives the face a completely different look.
Your shape is to die for and your skin is glowing.  Don't hide your shape under loose fitting clothes all the time. Sometimes go for fitted and classy.

Eya Replies: Hahaha, My Lovely sister Lizzy,  it's you guys now, no matter how hard I try to ignore, the bashing won't let me continue with my " I don't care attitude" I'm trying to be better courtesy ladies like you.thank you for reading, don't mind me o, I'll still drop some calories. Bless you plenty.

Lizzy:As you mentioned already u can use a better camera or download photo apps on your phone so you can adjust the quality of the fashion blog pics.

To save you drawing eye pencil daily to get the right shape for your eyebrows, you can get the shape right by getting them threaded or waxed every 2-3 weeks. I ask them to tint mine after threading as the shape lasts up to 6 weeks when I tint them.

Below is the lovely Lizzy Obaze, you can see her beautifully shaped brows as a busy mom, that area is settled and she's always ready to go:

God help me find a make up studio here in Abuja where my eyebrows can be perfectly shaped and tinted cos I'm in.

Thanks Lizzy and, may I use this opportunity to thank once again everyone that has left comments on either of my blogs. I have learnt so much and now a better person because your words are my inspiration. When I started sharing my recipes on wives connection,  I didn't know much but contributions from readers have taught me so so much more just the way starting this Nigerian fashion blog has made me more conscious of my look already. The blog is just a few days old and I'm already improving on so many things. I think the best advice I can give us now is ...You want to know more about something? Start Blogging about that thing. We get better at anything by doing it. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Sunday Dress: African Print, Teal Blue little Dress With Italian Gold Shoe

 Dressed in my little dress ready for church. The short dress  has a scarf but I don't feel like tying my head today. I can count the number of times I wear a scarf especially if my braids are still neat.  He, standing there is not looking like Nigerian fashion. I wonder what he's doing here giving me the car keys to take him out. One second without mom and he appears.

 Smiling in my Nigerian fashion style with a pair of Italian Gold shoe. Don't worry about the heels,  I love to drive in heels because, I have feet that are very sensitive to any particle however small. This dress was sewn longer than this and, I refused to wear it. Thankfully the tailors disappointed again and I picked it up, reduced the lemgth with my scissors and used needle and thread to hem. See how tailors are bringing out my creativity? If only my sewn goods were delivered, I would
never have thought of re sizing this dress with a pair of scissors, thread and needle. My  Home Economics teacher did a good job. Truly, no knowledge is wasted. Because I'm dropping some calories, it looked too big so, I altered some parts to fit. All the beautiful ladies who complimented me in this dress eh? if only they know how my creativity fixed a lot of things. It looked good on me. I walked  confidently to my seat.

 This little dress, like I said, turned out this way, all thanks to my little knowledge on  needle and thread  use. The tailors think they are smart but now I have learnt that I can always alter my dresses to fit. I did regret cutting this short but Hubby says he loves it that way so, who am I not to wear what will make him smile. I prayed silently though, that the zipper doesn't give way in church because that's what happens when a dress is left for too long. I kept listening to that zipper at the back and even kept a scarf in my bag just in case but, there was no incident.

 The neck piece is another gift from Dubai. I'm very sure that  if I look for it here in  Abuja, I'll find, to help me know the cost. The wrist watch is my ladies Seiko watch that has lasted with me for some long years and is still very loyal. I wish the chain is bigger, but  I still love her. She came at a time when I wanted small chains, not anymore. Now,  I prefer big watches. Dressed up and taking pictures for my fashion blog, and then, you can see how the kids won't just let me be o. First the baby is released to come meet mommy, next, he stands by me waiting to be picked up. He wasn't picked and you can see that pic where he grabbed my dress and won't take it anymore. See another pic where he is being handed over to me  Eya that is posing for camera o. I love dresses with some sleeve even if it's short sleeve. Sleeveless dresses have a way of showing big arms and making one look bloated like Christian mother hand. I know this little dress would have  looked really great in short sleeves. 
How Do I look in this dress? better than the old pics I guess? Making plans to get a better camera for this fashion blog.
Happy Sunday and have fun!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Hate My Son Part 2

[17:35, 27/06/2015] ‪ Pls, kindly post this ma. This is an amazing part of what happened after I sent my post to you.
[17:35, 27/06/2015] ‪: Thank you ma.
[17:36, 27/06/2015] ‬: I dnt love my son.

I want to thank everyone who genuinely commented on my first post. Thank you so much.
I appreciate your advices and counsels. I appreciate your empathy. I appreciate your sympathy. I felt your heart in the responses. I also appreciate the 2annoymouses who rose up for me against the first anonymous. Thank you.
When I read the first anonymous post, I lol. I dnt hate whoever it was. I dnt even dislike him(im using him in generic form here). I pitied him. He doesn't understand what it feels like to have something biting you and eating you up.

Especially when that something is something you dnt

Friday, June 26, 2015

Dressing Up, Time For Business

 How to combine black, white and red colors in an outfit without stress
 Fashion blogging has a way of making one dig deep into closets and boxes and bags and even boutiques. Who would have thunk that I'll ever wear this floral print skirt by Petite? A skirt I so condemned, added to items I wanted to give away and then retrieved it again. This came along with my affordable Walmart dresses last year, dresses that I felt made me fat.

 Today is the first time I wear this skirt and it feels comfortable. I went about feeling confident and not feeling bloated in any way, maybe because I lost weight and according to my girl, "there's still a lot to lose' however for me, the owner of this body, I think I've lost enough and only needs to drop a few calories and then, just work on toning up my muscles and firming these arms and others. 

It's a miracle that I can wear this long sleeve shirt again, I found it while digging last night courtesy of disappointing Nigerian tailors. There was a time I couldn't wear this black long sleeved shirt because baby weight won't let me. The last time I tried it on, no button came close to it's  button hole, but, see me today buttoning with ease. Weight loss is healthy and very good, the only thing I'm not very ok with, is that sick look  it gives one's face. Immediately after losing, especially if it's drastic, the face kinda looks pale, aside that, I love to look slim and young.

You have seen this pair of  red heels rocked with an orange dress, it's not new but looks like it. The neck is borrow pose. That's my daughter's, she is not around and I like it. It's already back in her
 How do I look in this outfit? I think super, The canon camera will not fall my hand, or, is it my home trained photographer shaking her hands while clicking?
 View the other pictures below:
 Dress up can be fun and fashion blogging it is. If you are looking for an inspiration to look good at all times, start a fashion blog.  Without a fashion blog to update,, nothing would have made me think of dressing like this when I actually did not go too far from the house. I am that kind of woman that can just slip her feet into her slippers, enter the car and zoom off without caring but right now, things have changed. I try to look my best because I might just need to update this Nigerian fashion blog.
I went to the bank to complete my Bank verification number, the queue was very long, I guess everyone waited until it's almost deadline before moving. Thankfully, it's done today.  I can now rest from bank BVN issues.
Have fun viewing!

Should I Return To This Marriage For The Sake Of My Children Or Fight For Them Later?

Hello, Aunty Eya, 
I am an ardent reader of your blog and I appreciate how you have touched people's life.
I am a young lady 23 years of age, I am a mother of two, my first child is 4 while the younger one is 2. I got married at 17 and had my first child at the age of 18. My marriage was fun until after I had my first child my husband and I started having one quarrel to another, he will always accuse me of infidelity, he prevented me from going back to school and even getting a job or something to do, I lived as a full house wife l never had one thousand Naira to my name, I didn't even have a bank account but I wasn't bothered by all that I was ready to live with him that way I was ready to give up all my dreams and ambitions just to be a good wife and a mother. 

We had a lot of up's and down before I had my second child. months after having my youngest child the abuse turned physical he brutalize me at every provocation the assault became worst to the extent that we were known in our neighborhood as the fighting couples I endured all this for five years till I gathered   the courage to leave in February wen we had wat he called "the last beating" it was really the last beating cause I will not forget that day in a hurry I almost died that day if not for the intervention of neighbors and passerby who came to rescue me from him That day, I left his house and the marriage. 

Well, to cut the long story short, we have been separated for over five months now. I now work,

Thursday, June 25, 2015

We Dress For The Movies

 Cinema time with the girls and my boy.
 The last two girls are done with their exams and want mommy to take them to the movies for studying hard. We search Online and find interesting movies for kids and adults. They can't go to watch adult movies and I don't want to go bore myself with kids movies cos that's what always happens. I can't as a person remember when last I went to the cinema and came back feeling like "that movie was great" No, it doesn't happen that way, I sit down there with them looking at the big screen while they continue to exclaim and hold their breath and giggle. This time we agree that I'll go watch my movie while they watch theirs alone.

We get to the galleria, I remember how dark it can get before the movie starts, I remember there are more than one doors in there, I thought about all the bad things we see in home video, and I just sacrifice, and then, we go watch theirs together. Did I enjoy it? maybe a little. Did they have fun?They won't stop talking about " whatever a chance of meatballs" They continued to discuss the scenes they enjoyed until we get home and I'm happy they had fun. For my own movie enjoyment, maybe that will come in future. I go online, see interesting home video showing but can't go because I'll end up entering with the kids. Who wants to leave her girls both  under 10 alone at the movies.

The only time they were sent in to watch alone because the family members who took them, got there and decided to pocket their monies forgetting that the reason these parents gave them money to watch
too is so that these kids won't be alone in there or maybe they didn't know our intention. When the girls got home and reported that Uncles pocketed their own share of the money, and, asked them to go in alone that, "nothing will catch them" I was furious,  I didn't know what emotion to express. I asked them this question "what if after the movies you didn't see the kids come out the door with others, what would you do? What will you tell the world?  I guess that is one reason I prefer taking them to the cinema myself now, but, that sacrifice of not having to watch what I want, fine, time flies, no complain.

So, today, I wear my ankara African print top with a Black KUT straight leg trouser. My boy just loves to pull the hair now so I tie it up and we move. This African print ankara top is very convenient for any fashionably pregnant mom
How do I look today? You like?
Yay or nay?
 Just to let mommy go pose for a quick snapshot is a challenge o, boy refuses to just give me a minute break, what can I do but continue to see him appear in my pics, can't wait for him to start school abeg.
 We can view the rest as one in this animated gif to save blog space lolz.
We are back from the movies.This used to be my maternity top  while fashionably pregnant o and it's very convenient for now, with all my hard work to lose weight, I had to use this belt to show off that flat hahaha.
Fashion blogging and depending on Nigerian tailors? these two don't go together. It's very easy to just enter a boutique, pick an outfit and take pics but that's not how I want to blog, that will give me too much competition to handle, lolz. I want my fashion blog to show my creativity with combining my African prints and International/Western Fashion, adding an international twist to our fabric in a beautiful way. I don't want to just be like what we already have everywhere on the net. If I try to be like the students and the twenties then they'll beat me to it. I want to try to be myself, but, come and see tailors postponement delaying my take off.  Not just one tailor, they are all the same. Give me my dresses so that I add content to my fashion blog please na. I hate to bore my readers.

Anyway, I won't bore us at all by God's grace. Watch this space.
You think I did well or nay?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dressed For Fun With My Combination Of African Fabric With Western Fashion

Dressed for fun at a cassava farm.
 Nothing serious here, the mood is just fun. I am not going too far away and not feeling denim or skirt so, I tie this Senegalese wrapper with a black short sleeve shirt. The wrapper has a tailored blouse that I would have loved to wear if I was going to church or even an important event. I am not in a dressy mood so I just wear whatever I feel. The Senegalese is sewn like a long skirt but  has a rope to tie round the waist. Would a pink top have been better? I don't think so. A pink top would have made no big difference, it would have shown no creativity on my side. With a pink or blue top, I'll still look like "too easily put together"  Ok, this black sandal again? Yes o. It's so comfortable for me carrying a baby around. The heels are just right at this time and it is the only black sandal here with these block heels. I can't take the risk of falling face down with my baby because of guy and fashion blogging. Let's re-rock for now eh? when he is a bit independent or in school, we begin to rock different heels and trip over if we like.
 The blue earrings

 these dangling blue earrings are fine, black earrings would have looked great too, now, we are returning back home from the cassava farm.

I told you how I got jewelry gifts from Dubai, this pair of blue earrings is one of them and, if I had
started this fashion blog then, I would definitely have taken note of the labels before disposing. The earrings are very lovely in blue and not too heavy to carry even for a whole day.

My Jordana nail polish is what I think I deserve an award from Jordana cosmetics for, because, I have all the colors I know, the ones I love and the ones I only wear because my girls think my favorite nail polish colors are boring. You know, if I tell you I didn't know nail polish could be changed three to four times a week, you may not believe. I got tired of my nails chapping, nail polish peeling at about every three days after. I blamed my soft nails all these while, using even powerful nail strengtheners. Anyway, Google search helped me out. I had to search for how often ladies changed nail polish. wharra hell? I couldn't fathom why every time you see some posh ladies, their polish looks sparkling new and fresh and I have always thought it's because they have good nails. Well, other women's comments helped me realize that, I didn't change them polish fast enough, so, now I change like three times a week and I like it. To really get it dry with a perfect finish, mom has to be last retire to bed, so, it's done while everyone, including my little chairman, is in bed dreaming. I love that the nails just matched perfectly with this Senegalese wrapper, even without my planning that. My Jordana matte lipstick is always with me in different colors even though bright colors like pink that I like, do not really look good on me.

 For this bit of smooth face, I used my Avon primer with Mac foundation and then covered with Mary Kay, but, I won't advise any one to mix different brands like that, just happens that when I need foundation and compressed powder, it's always that my skin shade is found in different brands and that's how I continue to mix. For Mac, hearing about it like it's some diamonds? the reason I bought to try and see the studio smooth face it will create but honestly, I think my face still looks like when I apply Mary Kay or Black Opal foundation, or, maybe that's because I don't have the Mac compressed or powder to go with it. If I had a good camera sha, you would have seen that my face is a bit smooth, not bad at all.  The black shirt is a Nordstrum rack shirt and I got a little help with my lovely spanx size L/XL to help keep away unsightly bulges if any o. Let's stop here for now na, am I supposed to list everything on my body ni?

Before we leave, that's not the spanx showing on my shirt, I had to wear a camisol because, some full cleavage was too much out there.

I think I killed it here with this wrapped  wrapper and shirt, what is missing is a small black scarf that I wanted to use but couldn't find courtesy, my wardrobe searchers and scatterers who won't let my things be the way I leave them.I think  I'm good with scarfs and I also think that absent look would have definitely bought you over. Do you sometimes dress just for fun, abi always dressed to the nines?
You can view the rest of the  pics as one below:
Having fun in an African wrapper and a Western Nordstrum rack shirt.
How do I look today?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Hate My Son Now, How Do I Change It Please?

[04:15, 23/06/2015] : Anty Eya.
[04:15, 23/06/2015] ‪: Goodmorning ma.
[04:16, 23/06/2015] ‬: I guess it's easier to reach you here than mail.
[04:16, 23/06/2015] ‬: Bikko read and post this asap. It's urgent and important.
[04:16, 23/06/2015]‬: HELP, I DNT LOVE MY SON.

I'm not going to bore you with the very long story, help is what I need and help is what I'm asking. But for clarity sake, permit me give you a brief summary of the entire story as it is.
I'm a single mum,my son is 9 years old and im 19years older than him. I'm a very dutiful mother. Right from pregnancy till now, the irresponsible man I got pregnant for hasn't contributed up to 10,000N in this boys life. He is the only regret I have in my entire life, I wish he wasn't the father of my son.

I have loved this child right from pregnancy, when I held him in my hands as a baby for the first time, I loved him more, as a toddler, I still loved him silly. He was my entire world, I lived for him. Until.... well, until his father yanked him from me at the age of 3yrs, and went to dump him with his elder sister...story for another day.
I prayed and fasted, I kept in touch with the sister, id send money, food, sch fees, etc. In short, I was still there as a mother for my son. I kept praying for his return,17months later, the aunt miraculously returned my son to me, without me asking him.

The love of a mother knows no bound, but when I saw my son, he looked so unhealthy. I couldn't believe it. This was a child that was very chubby and healthy before he was taken away. They returned a healthy soul but sick body to me. What could I do? He was my son, my first.Love drove me to action.I took him and nursed him back to health. And it was indeed a battle, cos for another 3years, I kept treating one boil, and rashes after the other.... too long a story... Thank God. He's whole now.

Hate is such a strong word to use here. No,that's not what I feel for this child right now. I just don't  like him. I dnt love him either. I dont have feelings for him. Don't get me wrong. God has really helped me. My son attends one of the best private school in my area. I buy good clothes for him, feed him well, he has a private tutor, cos we stay together,he's also smart too. Damn, im to Damn well a dutiful mother.
But,Deepdown, I can't bear to show him affectionate love. I dnt know when this thing started, 3yrs ago?

Fertility Issues, Tubal Flushing Help

I have been getting so many of these mails lately and it feels so bad replying that I don't have the Doctor's contact  anymore. We once posted about fertility issues and a sister sent me her Doctor's contact to send only to the poster, that's a long time ago and I don't have it anymore, that's why I'm posting this mail. If you see this and can help this poster and others with the contact of that Doctor that did a successful job on you, the contact you sent me was deleted afterwards, please leave a comment to help other women too. Thank you.

Below is one of the mails:

Dressed In My Afrik Western Outfit

 Eya  momma at home in denim and African print, after returning from bank verification (BVN) exercise. This look is my afrik western fashion.
 These text messages have been coming since 2014, The Central Bank  Of Nigeria has directed that bank account details be verified before June 30, 2015. Why I haven't done this before today, I don't know. Procrastination kept me saying "there is still time" This morning, I got a reminder and had to find my way to the nearest branch as directed.

Dressing to go verify account details shouldn't be that sophiscated na. I automatically switched into my modern afrik mode and jumped into this blue denim and the lovely African print top. This top actually embarrassed me but thankfully it happened in the car. Looking at me now, you won't know the zipper is busted but, that's exactly what happened. When you do not wear an oufit for long, it gets tired of waiting in the closet and quietly waits for the day you'll wear before protesting. I got home safely, leaned my back towards the car and asked that some shots be taken. This top has a tailored skirt that I don't like. combining it with the blue denim has given me another outfit.

By the way, I didn't know my daughter is behind me reading this post as I type, and then, she pops a question, "mommy do you have a skirt at your age?" what a question. Why won't I have a skirt? I wear trousers a lot because I feel very free in them. I don't need to be too careful when climbing, hurrying, sitting or even squatting.

The red wedge is by Very Voletile, it's a gift from my beautiful sister-inlaw, she got them in the US and packaged straight to moi with other lovely gifts. They are so high, I only wear them when I go out without the baby because carrying him and pulling wedges this high is a risk.
 I feel good 

 This outfit is my creation by way of combining Western with African
 View the rest as one:
The earrings and large bracelet came together as gifts from Dubai, hubby went for a workshop and got them to make me think that not travelling along  with him is ok so long as gifts arrive but I refused to be bought, eventhough I love all the jewelry. so, I don't really know the cost but they are lovely. Who am I wearing now? Blue denim from Old Navy, it was actually too long and I asked the tailor to cut to my length so, now it fits. The top is from my former tailor here in Abj.

I braid with kinky a lot  hope I don't bore you with them. For the new tailor, I'm yet to get the outfits he is making for me, once they arrive, it's photo shooting all the way and sharing. You'll see so much of African fabric combined with western fashions on this blog.
Have fun viewing and urm... giving some tips.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Still Rejects My Husband After Four Kids, How Do I Handle This?

This is a WhatsApp conversation I promised to publish today. What would make a mother still reject her son in law and dear daughter after ten years of marriage? Can a woman's tender care cease towards the child she bears? Ok, her daughter got married to her former labourer, what about the grand children? Did they do any wrong? When are these kids going to bond with and begin to love grandma?  Is it after she is old and gone? We have just this life, a few years and your role is complete and kinda deleted from this screen. Why accept to spend it in bitterness and hate? Why spend these few years in misery with every tick of the clock, we all move closer our graves , why not do our best to spend these years in happiness and peace.  If you have a hundred years to spend on this earth, you allow yourself to spend all the"now" in anger and bitterness, you spend the few years you have seen in unforgiveness, on which planet are you then going to experience happiness.

Look,  let me tell you,  if you think it doesn't matter because there is happiness in heaven. What makes you think you can be happy in heaven after spending your earth "currency" in pain and losses. If you don't practice happiness, peace and joy here. How then can you live it up there except you'll be an alien.

 I shared my thoughts with the poster but do not think that's enough. Please advise her too on how to handle the situation.

The conversation below:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dressed For Grocery Shopping This Weekend

 This is me Eya Ayambem, simply casual at forty, we are getting there.

I'm sneaking out because the girls want to come along, and, right now,  not in that mood for a contract. This contract happens with some talk and not today abeg. Before I realised that we could come into an agreement before getting to the shop, it was more fun for my girls than me. They always looked forward to accompanying mom while I looked forward to sneaking to the shop and returning with an apology. Why? Once inside, they know mommy won't scream in public and will try her best to be civil, so, what follows? Kids picking their choice items and dropping in the cart or pointing at items at very crowded areas to make it hard for civil mom to ignore, and, while a little raising of the voice can control others, I have one, every body says she is the only one that looks like me sha o.

This my baby girl doesn't feel embarrased crying in public. she's only seven, knows very well how to manipulate with tantrums, and how to embarass to herown advantage. If she goes shopping with me and picks items I reject, she immediately starts giving signs of a possible tantrum. I am now a professional sneaker that can get out without anyone knowing and then get my bag passed to me through another way. An apology is always easier after the deed is done.
Here I'm sneaking out and hushing for a quick pic to be taken without camera clicking sounds.

Anyway, that's by the way as I don't have to sneak anymore. Just that "I nor wan pep talk right now" . we get to the venue or shop, I turn my head around and ask who wants to wait in the car? Ofcourse no one would stay. Then I give my conditions. " If you know that you'll go picking or pointing at items
that are not on mommy's budget, then wait for us but, if you want to come in, then promise me there'll be no pointing or picking. Once this agreement is reached, we go picking only what is on the Shopping list even though with some long faces that can be pacified with  ice cream, so, mommy wins.
Ok, it's past midnight and I can no longer keep my head up, everyone is asleep except blogger Eya who'll definitely be first to wake up.
Good night.

Here, I go alone and feel so young in this simple look.
 Fashionable at forty

 Can we go shopping without stress? Too much in a hurry and forgot to wear my friendly spanx today but not to worry the stomach is no longer bulging as baby is over a year now

 Looking forward to when mommy will be completely free of baby weight, with determination, with God, everything is possible

 Simply casual heading out to do some shopping.
Feeling young and beautiful. Forty is not young, and is NOT OLD either.
Sweet dreams!
Have Fun dreaming and smiling!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fashionably Pregnant Styles

 She is gorgeous from head to toe but you know you can always adapt and customize, wear  block heels if you can't step on these, falling while pregnant is not allowed unless when it's unavoidable like stepping on  say, urm... a banana peel.  Not breaking a heel cos of baby and mom's heavy weight.

Images by Kamdora.

Okay, here's to the mailer that requested to see my pregnancy styles, I had to search Online because
can't find photos of me pregnant :)  I'm sure these will inspire you even more than seeing me in a chic wrapper and blouse with low cut hair..

 Even if pregnant at 50, you can actually wear everything here. Her look is very elegant. This outfit you can wear at any age or size.

 Pregnancy looks good on you chic mom, Any pregnant mom of any age can rock this outfit and look great. You are dressing for two and if Nigerian wonderful roads won't let you walk comfortably in these heels, get something more comfortable for your pregnant feet, or, better still, if it's an event, wear your flats and only change while at the venue to be safe. If you can comfortably walk on stones, empty cellophane bags of pure water, sand and broken bottles without tripping, then, great, do it.

 Ten over ten pregnant look for me! You know this is the type of pregnancy that traditional midwives will predict it's a boy. This belly shape with the navel pointing up like that, in our naija native settings, it's a baby boy. If you are pregnat and this chic, tell me why hubby won't stay home admiring you all day.

 Fashionably pregnant, Please remove eye from the shoe unless your lovely pocket can carry. This look is so damn expensive and beautiful, I think the most expensive of all 6 on this post.

 Who says only the very young pregnant mom can wear this outfit, you can comfortably pull this,  Beautifully pregnant and fresh looking mom.

Times have drastically changed, if you live in Nigeria and are younger than moi, then you won't have any idea of what I'm thinking right now... Those good old days as a young girl maybe in Primary or secondary school, we recognized pregnancy by the tired, plain, boubou, no make up, dry cracked lip look. The pregnant mom most times looked pale, and carried a small can or bottle about for help with excessive saliva. Her heels looked whitish like they are not oiled or moisturised. When you pass by antenal wards during antenatal clinics in hospitals then, all you see are boubou, wrapper and blouses or iro and bubas, very Big tops o. And then, walking seemed very difficult especially in their last tremesters. One could hear the slapping sound of slippers dragging on the hospital floor struggling to carry two.

It's not like pregnancy symptoms have changed, no, everything is still the same with morning sickness, excessive salivating, weakness and all, but, what has changed is the modern Nigerian woman who is doing her very best to still look good while dressing up and eating for two. Looking good while pregnant especially at 8, 9 months? Those are days you don't even feel like getting out of bed in the morning, you hate the fragrances you onced used to love, even soap and cream smell bad. Your favourable collogne becomes something you can't even touch. Walking in heels? how? when  lifting up empty feets alone is like work. 

Pregnancy al all three tremesters still the way it used to but, the Nigerian woman has certainly stepped up not listening to moods and feelings. Looking good while pregnant is very good business for both mom and Dad.    
All Images courtesy: Kamdora.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Foreign Top With African Ankara Skirt

I can see there's plenty room for improvemet, we are getting there soon.
Some days have passed without updates. don't worry, no problem, For now, I can't promise us  daily posting on this my Naija fashion style but I'll be consistent. This black top is a mango top I bought during their summer sales, 70% off original cost, so, it was actually very cheap and I bought them in different colours to wear until next summer sales, lol. Do not forget I'm a teacher and  can comfortably wear this to work but with a shorter belt. Well, my ankara skirt and this top flow very well together and don't say I didn't warn you o. Remember my first post on this blog? where I confessed I don't have a wardrobe to die for but will do fashion blogging to help me sit up and do better. Ok, I also warned about re-rocking o, that's until those new outfits arrive sha.

You have done well Eya, It's not easy to look this great at 40 jor, however, forty doesn't mean old, you are still young, sit up.

Sister Eya, if you know that sincerely you want to be a correct Nigerian fashion blogger for us the above thirties, go get a good camera and stop depending on a Samsung Galaxy camera images, was it snowing when you took these pictures? yes we know, you were told that Samsung phone cameras are very good but see now, do you like how these pics look or is that you cannot fix the settings of that phone camera?

Anyway, it's not only that the pictures are not clear, dear Aunty Eya, kindly bend your head down and look at the belt on your waist, is that how you tie your belt? Is the belt too long or you just forgot to
hook it properly? Let me tell you, because you cook very well does not mean you can deceive us here o. by the way, We know how your food pics used to look before the little improvement.
 Here, it's fashion and not food, there is no room for play or, haven't you seen other Nigerian fashion blogs on the internet? Go read them and learn please.

Get a good photographer and do some good photoshoots for this blog before I vex for you Eya.  This pair of  black sandals, you posted them before, why repeat? I don't believe that you can't find another pair of shoe in your closet, don't lie.
Please, please, pleas, don't bore me, I come here with my hard earned megabites and the only thing I demand of you is good pictures of awesome outfits...

 Eya, you yourself look at this pose. Judge yourself before I open my mouth

This Aunty Eya sef, must she always shove this her baby in our faces? Is the blog or you and him? Please o, allow the baby to rest.

 Well, you try small but you can do better 

Now, how is this a fashion blog photo? it's not your selfies we are looking for sis, give us PHOTOS with correct Abuja landscape, please, show us a little about Abuja through your blog o. Hope you don't plan on sitting in your house and taking pics for a fashion blog, try harder you hear?

Hahahaha, Eya won't kill person today  with her zigzag white  belt, do you know a black belt would have looked better on this outfit? JJC.
 LMAO, is the shirt folded at the back or just shorter than the front? There is no harm in smiling.

Thank you, you are doing great with weight loss

Ok, you try small but next time, try your best to crop images of other people out ok?
 Nice try here but???

Wow! ten over ten except for the colour and brightness

So, you feeling here like one Sassy Mama abi?

 If I tell you guys that there's lipstick on this my lips eh, you won't believe, if I tell you my eyebrows were well done, you won't belive, Even if I insist that there's primer, foundation and powder on this face, will you believe?

 I remember when when I was a student kwa?

Final posing for our viewing pleasure

Have Fun!