Tuesday, March 31, 2015


As in, aren't you impressed with Nigerians' interest in March 28th result collation which started yesterday? The only time I've ever seen us this united is during Worldcup football match, where Nigeria will be playing.
Yesterday, I saw Nigerians, both online and offline gathered together as family, in groups, friends and foes. Despite the argument, disagreement, loyalty and support to individual parties, critiqs, there was still a common goal, which is  " We want to know the outcome”.

What about the buzz on all social media. 
The tweets, updates, re-tweets, funny dps, Pms, memes, FB post, comments on blogs..haahaaa, That  excitement was just too much ,the Adrenaline cannot be measured. And when Prof Jega postponed it to today, the ranting started again..it was an incredible fun..a lot of them really got me cracking 
with Laffs.Lols.

Someone posted this on bbm when they announced Enugu result
" Now, that's what I call rude" 
then someone else wrote;
" Enugu don't worry, when we get up north, you will see numbers redefined" ,
another person tweeted this when they posted Kano result
 " Forget Rob Stark, Buhari is the real king of the North",
Me sef wrote this while waiting for 8pm. 
" if only people will wait on the Lord the same way they are waiting for 8pm"..lols.
Most funniest of all was from one of my
sister friend's bbm post

 " I smell change, even beef is beginning to taste like chicken"..rotfl..

Now, I'm not here to support or declare any party, well, I'm not sitting on the fence either. I know who I
voted for, and from the result so far, I'm smiling.
Rather, it's about

He Suddenly Wants Us To Be Friends, What Did I Do Wrong?

Dear Aunty Eya,
I'm in my late twenties,and still an undergraduate due to delay..I'm in love with this guy and he is in his early thirties, we met 8months ago,became friends for a month and started dating the next month,approximately, we are 7months old in the relationship already...I can say he loves me because he was fond of me and always want me to be around him...I got to meet his family,his mom,sister,nephew and his cousins,we got so connected that I fell inlove completely with him...5months into the relationship was awesome, I already believe he was God - sent to me,cos he matched all the description of what I desire in my Man.

.6months into the relationship,he began to be withdrawn gradually, he stopped calling me as often again, initially I thought maybe because we were not sexually‎ attached (we agreed to abstain frm sex),not knowing his ex was in the picture all the time, when I got to know abt his ex being around him,he apologised,then I forgave him and we continued but it's was the same as the way we started,which one of cause can't be possible because I know relationship grow from one stage to another..

Going into the 7th month, our

Monday, March 30, 2015


(This write-up is the intellectual property of Mr OGBO AWOKE OGBO. A Nigerian mentor and life Coach with global impact. His FaceBook Monday morning meditation has gained recognition over the years.I have his express permision and approval to share this post on this blog.)

Why Politicians Won't Save Nigeria from Destruction.

"I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.." ~ 1 Timothy 2:1 (NLT)

¶ Sometime ago, before I prayed for my then 13-year old son, I heard a strange command in my spirit, “Go lie in his bed!” When I put my head on his pillow, something

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Throwback Sunday

 Do you remember this?

This cooler, back then as a kid,I remember seeing this cooler in almost every home and parties. Infact, this cooler was a symbol of jollof rice or  party stew. Enter my dad's elder sister''s room, and you will see it stacked  on each other. Even my mum had it back then.
Then suddenly it disappeared. I wonder what happened.
Me sef don tay o. Who else remembers this cooler?

Open Letter To The Newly Elect President

Goodmorning. Happy Sunday. Election continues in some places today.
I saw this and couldn't help sharing here. Hopefully,someone who know someone who knows the president elect will see it and show it to him. Please do drop the changes you desire in the comments.
Nigeria will flourish again.

Hello Mr. President, 
The race is over and Nigeria has decided. We won’t have voted you if we didn’t have faith in you. We know there are so many Cultural, Infrastructural and Corruptional issues in this our beloved country and these may obstruct some of your good intentions. WE DONT CARE!!!! The head that wears the crown does not sleep with ease, that sit is not meant for babies but for leaders and born kings. We are going to overlook all the hassles that come with the office and make our demands. All we want is a better Nigeria for our children and Grand-Children. If our parents had made these demands we probably may not be in this mess right now. Sentiments aside, nobody cares about your cultural or religious believes, Nigeria should be foremost on your mind and all we want is results. You made so many promises during your campaigns, you even said we should over look all your past misdeeds. We did that and voted you, now it’s our time to make our demands. You have 4years to answer our request. We don’t want unachievable things, all we want are just 10 basic things that when achieved we will not only be better for it but posterity will also thank you for. 
1) We don’t care if the Cabal or God-Father is behind your election into the office, #WeSay, slay the Cabal. We didn’t vote the Cabal, we voted you.
2) We don’t care if Corruption is an old generational curse in our nation, #Wesay burn it to the root. You cannot build a house with termite infested woods. #WeSay, reshuffle the civil service.
3) We know that it’s not in your plans to jail past corrupt officials and you have the 1999 constitution to back that up, #WeSay re-write the constitution cause jailing them will makes us happy.
4) I can’t sleep at night anymore because of lapses in our failed security systems. The Northern part of the country is under siege. #WeSay bring back all the adopted Nigerians, slay the Boko Haram and restore peace all over our country.
5) Good Food and clean water is a right of every Nigerian, yet some still leave under $1 per day. #WeSay provide jobs and provide allowances for unemployed and aged citizens.
6) You can’t tell me the fall in crude oil prices is affecting my economy and that’s why the purchasing power of my Naira is close to non-existence. #WeSay reshuffle the system and find productive means of increasing our GDP.
7) We need our refineries up and running. #Wesay It’s silly for anyone to pay for what he already has.
8) Presently, our transportation system is a joke. #Wesay We need a rail system that is up to standard world wide. Good and Accessible roads and please work on our water ways, it’ll reduce traffic in Lagos.
9) What happened to all the mega and over mega watts English we have been hearing about? #WeSay provide stable power. It’s my right to have uninterrupted power supply. 
10) They say the youths are the backbone of any nation. Why is the educational system crippled. Why are students always out of school? #WeSay no to strike and haphazard  educational system.
As we are going to vote you today, we don’t know how long it’ll take, we are still wondering if you will win or not but all the same, we believe in you, we believe in your 
leadership and so will vote you.


( copyright protected. Real source https://bmcmada.wordpress.com/)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Voting Nigeria, My Streets Extremely Deserted

Not a single soul or car on the street on election morning 
It's 7 am Nigerian time, scary coming out the gate this morning. The lockdown is serious. I guess a lot of people have travelled to vote at their home towns or still deciding on their beds. Normally, by 4am, these streets have become very noisy with traffic, on weekdays? the traffic hold up is so serious you can't cross the street. Imagine me now, just walking down with no single car or human in sight. I had to quickly rush home after a long walk alone and all gates locked.

The sound of an approaching car made me rush back inside cos it's strange this very quiet morning. The 2011 elections were not like this o. One could drive out early in the morning before it's time for accreditation but today? Not even one soul on the streets. How are we going to get to polling stations if it's so scary just coming outside the compound.


see what google has done to Nigeria

Heehee.. check out Google search engine for today. They actually customised their name for Nigeria. The G in the middle is replaced with an icon that looks like a die(dice), with our country color. Last independence, they did  something similar too.Isn't that thoughtful and sweet of them. It shows that no matter how bad they paint Naija, we are still relevant. Too relevant to be ignored. Thank you google..lols.

Hope you've been accredited.


Lovely Nigerian Traditional wedding couple
Sometimes, when I hear or read about marital violence, I shudder and cringe in fear. Most times, it gives me unsettling thought about marriage, so much I even fancy remaining single. And the unpretty thing about this malady, is its global tentacles. It's just Everywhere.
I'm reacting to a post I read last night on Lindas blog, on a woman who was beaten blueblack black by her husband,   till she couldn't  see anything but red. She was so badly beaten that one of her eyes is practically lost.
( full gist on her blog).
The picture was gory. Haba, that was just to extreme. What could she have done? I saw a picture of her before the beating. She's been married for four years, and three plus half out of those four years, she's been used as a training bag for her supposed husband punches.

There's so much said on " choose wisely" , "make
sure you are compatible" ,"shine your eyes","make sure he loves you", "check for all the signs" etc. But then, a whole lot of crappy stuff still happens in that institution called marriage even after following so many rules and guidelines.

Last week, a Unilag student was badly stabbed by her lover, so sad she lost her life. We recall the

Friday, March 27, 2015

More Election Weekend Recipes

  Nigerian recipes
These links would have just been added a comments on the moi moi post but leaving a comment is giving me so much headache as sometimes I even lose my comment while trying to prove "I'm not a robot" I wanted to check on Google to see how the problem can be solved, then I discover many bloggers having the same issue. For now, I don't know yet. I think it all started when the blog settings were changed in 2014. After returning to former settings, everything just won't revert back. If you are a blogger on blogger platform and your settings allow anonymous comments without captcha, I'll advise that you never try to experiment with other settings co it seems when you revert back to your old settings, some features just won't respond. You and other readers will continue to get asked to prove you are not a robot before publishing a comment. Proving should be simple but it isn't.

A lot of blogs are experiencing this maybe it's a blogger recent problem. If your post has not recorded any comment, please do not feel discouraged, just know that we are actually typing comments but have difficulty publishing them for now until I find a way to solve it. Some people with Open Id and Google accounts may not be experiencing that.

That aside, Ok, let me now link to some recipes we can try this weekend with our families.
1. Peppered variety rice by Omalicha 

2. Ewedu soup procedure by Yinka. For ewedu soup, I have a

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Nutritious Nigerian moi moi in leaves.
The election is here, in two days, Nigerians will decide. There's been so many do's and don'ts . Too many safety tips, too many alerts and all sorts. Well, they are cool and timely too. But it doesn't have to be all boring and dry.
For most kids, they get to see their parent home at the same time,Thanks to the restriction on movement.This period, every member of the family will be together. The mum who works on Saturdays, the dad who leaves home early everyday, the kids who have to go for tutorial or practice. All will be home. Hurray!
I have shared a link to one of the past food recipe post on

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


A friend sent this to me, and I decided to share it here.

Most importantly,let's be conscious and alert.

1.  Food
Stock up on food and water (at least 1 week’s supply) in case Markets and stores aren’t open or you can’t go out. Prioritise non-perishable food like those stored in cans over fresh food that takes time to cook and requires freezing (in case the power in your area is cut off).

Don’t forget about cooking Gas! Or Kerosene.

2. Fuel
Stock up on enough fuel for your generator in case there’s no electricity. Also make sure there’s a full-tank of fuel in all of your vehicles.

*Note* Do not over stock fuel o!!

3. Cash
Make sure you withdraw enough cash to keep in-hand in case there’s no working ATM near you so you have 1 less reason to go outside your house.

4. Equipments & Necessities.
Ensure you stock up on equipment such as flashlights, batteries, candles, medical supplies (e.g.
First Aid Boxes), recharge cards (or add sufficient credit to your phone), etc.

5. Rallies
Stay away from Political Rallies, Gatherings and Protests as much as possible. If you must attend then be vigilant. Wait till you get to safety before updating your Social Media.

6. Home
In the case of civil unrest, keep yourself and your family indoors at all times and keep your homes locked down. Ensure that all windows and doors are

7. Vehicles
Park your vehicles in secure areas, preferably within the walls of your compound and well away from the main roads.

8. Contacts
Remember your State Emergency Numbers (e.g. 767 or 112 for Lagos) and the numbers for the Medical Emergency Services and Fire Services.
Notify them in the event of any emergency (Note: Please do not post tweets and ask that others RT till it gets to the authorities, in the time it takes a tweet to circulate a life could be lost or assets damaged).

9. Family
Make sure all your family members (especially those living with you) know the numbers to call in case of any emergency. Discuss with them about what to do in case of an emergency or in case you get separated for any reason.

10. Movement
Know at least 2 routes to your office and back to your home. You can confirm the safety of routes via updates and reports on our web platform and twitter handle @TrafficChiefNG before departing (check the “Useful Resources” section at the end of the article).

In addition to these tips, remember that on election
day there is NO MOVEMENT allowed.

Please share with your family and friends to ensure they all stay safe during this period.

God bless Nigeria.


Let's see how fast you can come up with the answers. And yes, you must show your workings. Lol.
Happy solving.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


All my life, I've always washed my pots with scouring powder and iron sponge. Only for me to discover a brand new way of getting that shinning  effect, and you get it effortlessly too. Guess with what?
Your hand and the scouring powder. Actually, it's more of your palm and the powder. I discovered this technique while washing my pots last Saturday. Recall I mentioned my cooker was bringing out flames and staining my pots. Well I got a brand new glass top table cooker, and in bid to have shiny pots, I decided to scourge my cooking pots. It wasn't until the last pot I suddenly remembered to take pictures. So dnt vex. Eheen, I think I stumbled upon this when the iron sponge fell off, and not wanting to stop my tempo, I continued with my palm, and that was when I noticed the effect. Infact, my palm did a better job than the iron sponge sef. Then I paused, poured some powder on my palm and rubbed on my pot. I didn't even have to apply much friction, the effect was effort less...heehee, this was jackpot.
Thank God, I discovered this on the

Yam Porridge With Vegetables By Arene

Yam porridge with vegetables. 
I made use of: 
Pumpkin leaves
Scent leaves
Groundnut oil
Palm oil
Ingredients can be modified based in your taste.


The tomatoes, pepper, onion, offal, pumpkin and scent leaves are cut into small pieces and set aside. 
The yam is cut and washed, placed in a pot and brought to boil. I usually add little salt to my yam.
A serving of yam porridge with vegetables

In another pot, I add

Monday, March 23, 2015


I read this post on Linda blog this morning, and couldnt help bringing it up here. It's the story of the married man whose FB lover died in her house while he was visiting her. Infact according to the story the plan was to spend the weekend in her house before the whole drama happened.

Check Linda Ikeji blog for full story.

Now, look what he got himself into. Do I believe his story. Yes. Possibly he had no hand in it. Who knows what went wrong with the lady system. Could be natural or spiritual. Either way, a life is lost, and the culprit was unholy-ly caught in it. This life sha.
Who knows what tomorrow holds. Nobody knows what the next minute hold sef. But then isn't that why married men have been warned to stay off single ladies and vice versa?
What makes this story sensational is because of the man status. Were he to be a single man, and the girl involved was his finance, what he would have gotten
 would have been condolences and pity messages,
well, maybe a few accusations and suspicions, but majority would have been sympathetic,and cry againts anyone who wants to accuse him, but look at it, instead, what he's getting here is condemnation, and "serves him right". I can imagine the turmoil his wife at home will be now. I dnt know if he has kids, but just imagine them in this scenario. You see that eventually, consequences of this things are ripple effect that affects everyone around you.
Who knows, perherps there  had been some issues between him and his wife, but was adultery the best solution? Was it the way out? So much he had the guts to spend the weekend in a babe house, and this wasn't his first time. I'm wondering, is this incidence supposed to be judgemnt or lesson? Hmm. It's food for ponder to everyone out there involved in such act, it's high time you have a rethink.
Ask the accused if  given the opportunity to re-wind the whole incidence to three days before it happened, what would he have done differently...yeah right, Your guess is as good as mine. He would Flee.

So why don't you all,involved in this act FLEE now.
Married men, cheating on their wives, why not FLEE while its still early.
Single ladies doing the married version, don't you think you should FLEE,While it's still safe.
Gigolos, following married women, I advise you FLEE,While it's still hidden.
My heart goes out to this man, he got caught in the act, and he's not even the only one guilty of this act. Oh, I remember now, the law says anyone caught, not  everyone   caught.
I hope the law will be merciful on him. And I hope he's learnt his lessons. I hope his friends and family rally round him. I hope his wife won't forsake him. I hope many things, most importantly, I hope he turns a new leaf.


(This post is the intellectual property of Mr OGBO AWOKE OGBO. A Nigerian mentor and life Coach with global impact.His FaceBook Monday morning meditation has gained recognition over the years.I have his express permision and approval to share his FB Monday post on this blog. )



"The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore." ~ Psalm 121:8, ESV.

¶ I am convinced that the Number One reason you have not experienced the success and happiness you pray about is that you have not showed up enough, or at all.
••• In the life of a soccer star, the two top performance statistics are number of appearances and goals scored. For example, according to www.diffen.com, Cristiano Ronaldo's total appearances is 674; goals scored are 418. His wealth is reported to be $221 million. By contrast, Lionel Messi's appearances are 536, goals 400 and wealth $210 million.
If you haven't noticed, there is a direct correlation between your appearance in the game of life and the number of goals you will ever score. Don't be a dummy, if you don't appear in the game, how would you even talk about scoring? The Number One problem, I repeat, is that many people don't make appearances in the game of life.
••• There is also no question that there is a direct correlation between your income and your appearances. It's not just in football. Money is a measure of appearance. The salesperson knows that his success depends entirely on the number of calls and face-to-face meetings he or she makes everyday.
When I started my corporate retreat and team building business, I was discouraged after I had sent out more than 30 brochures to potential clients and none of them bothered so much as to acknowledge receipt. Many things could have been wrong. Could be that my brochure was dumb. Could have been that I was ploughing the wrong field. But I wasn't prepared for the angle one of my mentors cut.
"How many potential clients did you contact?" he asked.
"Thirty," I proudly replied.
"That's the problem. You're not asking enough!" he said.
"Thirty specially packaged brochures sent by courier? How many would you define as enough?"
"A minimum of

Saturday, March 21, 2015


There has been a lot of breakthrough in technology. Like it or not, those breakthroughs have helped made life easier. life seemed fine without electricty, power came, we loved it and when we couldnt have it when we need it, we decided to generate it ourselves , by using the generator. When we had no gsm  phone, we seemed content, we knew how to locate ourselves, we didnt even care about sms, afterall we had the post office or most times, we send messages via word of mouth .
Then phones came,and we go into a fit anytime we lose one. Not because of the phone in itself, its the contact and some files stored on it. We seemed content with that too, we were cool with going to the cafe to check our emails. Then, Technology introduced bbm and android devices, and here we are, living , selling, gisting, trending and everything via the internet. We became NETIZENS without even knowing it. Well, we appear content now until the next big thing happens, and we just cant live without that thing..
So heres this week QUESTION.
Which is the biggest technological breakthrough so far? IF you were to choose one, which will it be?

oya o, the floor is open for discuss.

Friday, March 20, 2015


I didn't write this,a friend actually sent it to me yesterday, and looking at it, i decided to share it here. Please, lets adhere to the instructions and information as stated. The voting will last for some few hours, and by this time next month, we would  have already known who the winners are. As much as it depends on us, lets cooperate as we decide the fate of our country over the next four years. REMEMBER, ITS IN OUR HANDS.

* All the information are very very important.
*Pay special attention to notice 3.( and becareful of how you store your petrol.)
*As for notice 10, i advise you FLEE as fast as possible.

Please be informed of an impending security exercise tagged “SHOW OF FORCE” by government security agencies across the country.
Exercise is being carried out as part of efforts to ensure maximum security before, during and after the forthcoming general elections.

Thus, kindly find below important information and security tips.    

1. As at today, the Nigeria Police Force and other relevant security agencies have been put on high alert and they are expected to conduct periodic and random searches on people, vehicles and various hotspots. Thus, we are therefore advised to cooperate with them during this period; do not abuse security agents, obstruct their work, or resist them unnecessarily to avoid unfortunate repercussions. We have been informed that the Show of Force exercise also authorizes a Shoot-at-Sight order, if necessary

2.    There will be restricted movement of

Do You Compare Your Partner? Drop The Fantasy

Do you still compare
Comparison in a relationship is a disease which can plague anybody, regardless of status, colour, or race. It is that feeling that what the other person has, is better than yours, and you wished it was yours, so you begin to despise what you do have.
It's easy for people who do not have to deal with your shortcomings and imperfections on a daily basis to 'admire' you or think they are in love with you- because such feelings come with no responsibilities attached- it's free, easy and stressless- no demands. But as soon as the novelty of perfection wears off, because of the demands and expectations which come with the daily grind of living together, some go looking for the next perfect deal- perhaps another girl/woman who seems like the onion rings in the pizza, or the boy/man who makes you feel all tingly because of the nice way he talks to you. Comparison is deadly.

Like I wrote once, offences test relationships. It's easy to act all nice when everything seems rosy, but when you rub someone off the wrong way, or push them beyond their comfort zone, you will know if their humanity is humane or nasty!
Much as I love my hubby and he loves me, we

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Spicey crunchy African snails
Let's revisit some of our old food recipe posts. I think this is something we might want to snack on for this weekend. I know some of us have tried this recipe before, but hey, there's no danger in trying again, to those of us who haven't tried it yet,why not do so this weekend.
Single ladies in the house, give yourself a treat with this crunchy snack,follow it with a cup of coldstone ice cream.,because I intend to do exactly that this weekend.. #winks.
Just click on the link and it will take you to the step by step procedures with pictures.


If the link isn't showing, copy and paste it on your browser.

YES, let them remove the snails for you from the market. 
  • It doesn't have to be in large quantity.
  • You can wash it down with a glass of cold juice or zobo or soft drink.

If you

About The Airport Cleaner Who Returned 27,000 Dollars, She Ok?

A proof that there are still honest Nigerians No matter what? 
A lot of name calling going on. While a few of us commend Mrs Josephine Ugwu for her honesty, Many on Social media are still calling her a fool for returning the money. How is she that? Is it because of the level of corruption  around or because of hard times? How can anyone feel bad that a woman found and returned money that is not hers? Even if it ran into Billions and Trillions of Dollars, the long and short of the matter is that THE MONEY IS NOT HERS.

What makes people justify stealing? is it the cost of living nowadays in Nigeria? The fact that she is a low-income-earner or that "modern Nigerian families" do not have values we uphold and teach our children? I see a failure on the part of us parents of this generation because the name calling by the young ones is appalling. Kids just think that it's ok to keep what's not yours so long you are not caught. What if you eventually get caught. Had Mrs Ugwu kept that money and then got disgraced, her picture will be everywhere Online calling her even worse names. Her suffering would have increased I tell you. The humiliation that would have followed and maybe the story would have been that she stole a travellers luggage containing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The little salary raise is discouraging no doubt but come o, those calling her names and feeling terribly bad,, did you guys think the money would be shared in two and given to her or that because she came forward, she ahould be asked to keep the cash? How is that piossible? Thankfully, Individuals and Organizations are rewarding her, the name she has earned for herself and her generations unborn, plus this wonderful

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I've modified it, now you have to find two of each letters.
Let's see how fast you can see them.
post your answers.
Sit comfortably and feel calm.

You should be able to complete all 3 tests within 30 seconds or even less.
1.  Find the letter C from below. There are two of them.


2.  If you have already found

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


This is a Do it yourself (DIY) for those of us who use table top gas cookers. Although, I intend to change mine very soon to a glass top table cooker. They are easier to clean, besides I'm just fed up with this current one.I bought this table top in January, and I'm not pleased with it . I just don't like seeing black stains on my pots,afterall, this is a gas cooker, not stove and kerosene..
when I first bought it, it was all yellow flames, and for the first 2weeks, my pots were toture to my sight.Then,I remembered my dad had the same problem with his gas cooker and we called in a specialist, thank God I observed the guy while he worked, so when I couldn't stand this yellow flames anymore, I set to work on it myself. The result was enormous, and, so before I discard this particular cooker completely, let me take you through the step
by step adjustment settings. Yes, it's very easy and it's coming free too. Lol.

Below are the pictures of

How Often Should We Change Towels?

Drying towels in the bathroom, In Naija with all the sunshine, I feel it's better to dry towels outside. I'll soon remove the bathroom line sha.
I read somewhere yesterday that our towels need daily washing because every time we wipe our bodies, dead skin cells remain stuck on there and that's unhygienic and gross. I know it's good if one can wash towels daily but, is that really necessary? Especially when you have kids. Do you wash yours and kids everyday or continue to change and pile up for weekends? When Saturday finally arrives, how many times will you load towels alone? Washing towels daily is unachievable for large families please o. I cannot even change every other day. Some things are good, but not possible in some situations. Even for families with tons of domestic helps, will they only concentrate on washing towels and not attend to other needs?

Well, if you have seven towels per individual, maybe that will be easy until washing day. For me o, I cannot have more than two towels. Two because, when I wash and it's not dry, like during the rains, I have an extra to fall back on, if not, one towel is very ok. You may not agree with me and it's ok, washing towels once a week is very hygienic. Afterall, the towel is used on a washed body. Where will dead skin cells appear if the body is properly scrubbed with a sponge?  The skin is clean from bath before a towel even touches it. Even at the end of the week, sometimes the towel still feels clean if not for some foundation stains here and there. Reason I do not like white towels sef. The only person I can give a white towel to, is the baby. Every other person uses colours that won't make me feel guilty everyday.

For kitchen towels and napkins, no one can argue that


Yesterday,in the bus, the woman beside me called a pure water hawker, the lad ran over with a bowl full of cold water on his head. 
How much? The woman asked. 
Shebi everyone knows the price of purewater now, i answered her question in my head( altho, my face was turned the other way, I needed fresh air abeg). 
Ten-ten naira, the seller answered. 
No be 3 for twenty naira? The woman enquired. No o madam, na 10naira for 1, the seller laughingly corrected. 
Oya, go now. If you no gree 3 for 20, I no go buy again. 
E no gree, the seller replied and walked away with his bowl, hopes dashed, he had raced for nothing.That was when I turned to look at the woman, she was well dressed, she looked like someone who can give out 20Naira, and here she was, refusing to buy just because she would get 2 instead of 3. 

Madam, why didn't you

Monday, March 16, 2015


Name : Miss Seyifunmi Meg Ricketts.
Based: lagos Nigeria. 
Likes: reading, writing, learning, cooking .etc
skills: teaching, designing( graphics and interior)...etc

I've been thinking of finer ways to introduce myself. I hope you like this one, I couldn't think of another.
Now, To everyone whose stayed devoted,  we say "thank you".
To everyone who checks this blog daily hoping to see something new and got disappointed , we truthfully apologise. 
To everyone who's lashed out and complained on the laid back activites of WC,  we took your advice, we are BACK! 
To everyone who has

Saturday, March 14, 2015

While Trying To Forgive, Same Woman Is Pregnant Again

I Hello Eya, please help me before I explode here. I have spent the week searching searching old topics on the blog but can't find one related to my situation.

I have been married for eight years with no child yet, till trusting God for his blessing. I found out my husband has a two year old boy with another woman, confronted him, he apologized profusely and has really been trying to make it up to me. He says it's temptation and promised never to break my heart.

We are still in the process of trying to forgive and make up, then I discover the same woman

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Personal Assistant (PA) Job In Abuja With Attractive Salary

A personal Assistant is needed for immediate employment in Abuja. Applicant must be a graduate with years of working experience. Have good PR, be able to work without supervision, pay attention to details and be very sound. Salary is

Sunday, March 08, 2015

About The Cookware That Bakes And Cooks Even Afang Soup Without Oil

Baking that cake on my old tired gas cooker, with ease and speed

Cake is ready. No retouching, no oven, no burning. The only food pics from my new cookware are the cakes for now. Will definitely take more pics,  God willing.
Before now, I thought that we Nigerians never really bothered much about healthy choices when it comes to enjoying food but with the number of mails I'm getting at cuulme@gmail.com and WhatsApp, that has changed.

When I published that post, it was to publish another with a soup or stew recipe the very next however God holds the times, and I am also looking forward to when I'll be able to do a full recipe post. ...Very soon.
The reason I disabled comments on there is because of the comments about the cost of the cookware which is actually not really true. It's not about the cost because this is a wonder cookware,  after purchase, even before completion of the payment, you can make much more than what is