Why Am I Pregnant While Still A Virgin?

These mails from young, Pregnant virgin ladies asking me if it's possible to get pregnant without being disvirgined. I've always sent private replies without posting but I'm getting a bit worried and just thought to post this because they are becoming a bit more frequent. I always replied that fertilisation can take place if seen gets to the egg even without penetrative something. There was one lady that won't believe and kept asking more questions and finally I told her that if there was any foreplay around the veejayjay, even around the stomach, navel or thigh area, it's possible to get pregnant because semen is like liquid and can flow down without notice,  and once it touches the uvula, a little can escape in there and fertilise the baby to be egg and voila you are pregnant as a virgin.
Here is the short mail below :

Dear Aunty Eya, please help me, I just discovered I'm three months pregnant but I'm still a virgin. Is that possible?  My boyfriend and I are students and he won't believe when I told him that I'm pregnant. Can a woman be pregnant without being disvirgined?


  1. Wow! She just played with fire! Yes ooo are preggers! Still don't believe it? Wait for the next six months....

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  2. Hmmmm mbok me can't say oooooo.

  3. Anonymous12/17/2015

    It's very much possible if only you believe deep down you that you are another mary.

  4. Hi, it's very possible dear, my husband's first Dota was as a result of dat. God will strengthen u n ur boyfriend

  5. Anonymous12/18/2015

    D hymen is permeable i.e it allows inflow of fluid! So it is possible to. Get pregnant as long as d appropriate fluid passes through


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