Top 30 Blog Posts Of 2015 - Most Read

Wives connection most read posts of 2015 all have something in common.  Can you see it? I'll add links so we
check them out again. The shea butter and baby skin post is number one, it is the most read post on wives connection this 2015. It receives  heavy hits everyday from January right till December.  There was no day the she a butter post was not read by many mums I guess.  Ok, so I'll start linking from the highest to the high.
1. Is shea butter good for baby skin?

2. Pictures: How to Prepare Soya Beans Powder  For Infants By Peach
3. Can a pregnant woman take moringa?
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5. Why you desperately need moringa tea
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8. Excessive farting after giving birth to my baby
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10. Igbo names for baby boy
11. Shredded chicken sauce gravy for boiled rice, spaghetti or macaroni
 12. Can ugu vegetable induce abortion?
13. Nigerian recipes
13. Nigerian recipes part 3