The Other Mans Wife Called And Warned My Wife To Keep Away From Her Husband

I Saw wives connection page open on a colleagues system during work break, checked it out and got super glued since then. I enjoy reading advice here because people are so sincere and forward.  Here is my problem. Almost a year ago, my wife fell in love with another man. I don't know where or how they met but It started out with texting and flirting. This escalated to texting daily even while I am home. I remember a rainy day in July, she asked me to stay home with our two children while she
went out to run some errands for the weekend. Turns out she simply drove over to meet him. Spent the whole day away and came back with traffic stories. The stories didn't add up and when she started fidgeting, i knew better.

 The only reason I found out is because the other man's wife called and warned that my wife should keep away from her husband. At that point the only thing I found out was that she had fallen in love with him, and that it was purely an emotional affair. Of course she is lying, she has slept with him. After this had supposedly ended she started having incredibly explicit chat sessions and exchanging pictures with a man online. Why would a married woman take nude photos if not that she is sending them somewhere. She has never sent any to me who paid her bride price and tries my best to be a better husband. I have never cheated on her. 


  1. Johnson12/31/2015

    This sounds very unreal!
    Your wife had an affair and now it is likely she's having anther one..., and you talk about her not sending nude pictures to you? Bros, na only u waka come.
    Make u check yourself - are u the man in this marriage?
    It is love that makes us as parents to discipline our children. Love will make u win your wife back - not condole every negative action she takes. Wake up brother!

    1. Anonymous1/01/2016

      Wat r u saying? Keep quiet if u don't have a reasonable advice to give!

  2. Talk with her and see if you ready to change if not then forget about her,she ended d first one and is now in another online relationship dt woman has lost d respect and love she has for u

  3. Kai.Some men are just too weak,that is why their wife always toy with them.Good luck to you poster.

  4. Anon 03:35,something is really wrong with your head for telling me to keep quiet.Caward hiding under the umbrella of anonymous.Nameless fool.

  5. Anonymous1/02/2016

    Hello. And Bye.

  6. Anonymous1/02/2016

    I'm dating a man. Wuz our anniversary sum days ago. Dint get any text. Notin. Not even afta I sent 1. Called him n he came up wit d excuse dat he was gona call, but he figured it was late. I wana end it not cos of dis but even tho he says he loves me, his actions proves odawise.

  7. Anon 20 :56, I'll like you to know that men are not like us women. So many men do not remember their wedding anniversaries, wife's birthday, valentine day celebration and so on. That doesn't make them bad husbands. If forgetting special dates is the only issue here then stay. You can help him remember since dates are important to you. May be you begin to stylishly include those dates in your discussions when you know they are drawing close.

  8. Anon 20:56 You are in a relationship with yourself. If at the dating stage, a man doesn't remember anniversaries, birthdays or days that matter to the relationship even after you reminded him of it, note that he might have some other important things tying him down.

    As for the poster, I can't begin to deal! You surely do not sound like the man of the house. please take charge!

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