Sunday Lunch Shredded Beef Jollof Noodles

A serving of indomie noodles. 
Sunday service was long today. We got home at 1:30 PM and I  couldn’t think of any quick lunch so I brought out 5 packs of noodles. By 1:45 we were eating lunch. Thank God, Sunday rice and stew
would have delayed till late lunch is served towards evening.  

Not everyone likes noodles, especially our Naija husbands that like swallow with soup, so I thought of a way to cook this indomie noodles, a look and taste that no one can resist. When lunch was served my ears began to twitch, expecting anyone to exclaim "ahn  ahn, noodles for Sunday lunch?" To the glory of God,  I heard my people asking for more. Lunch was super dooper delicious. 
If your kids love to eatnoodles everyday, don't worry about nutrition, just add all these vegetables and watch them grow healthy and strong. 

 Chopped vegetables added to noodles. 

1.  5 packs noodles 
2.  3 medium sized onion bulbs
3.  3 large carrots 
4.  2 large green pepper 
5.  3 cloves cabbage 
6.  1 pack shredded beef
7.  1 large tatashey 
7.  Jollof rice spice 
8.  Water
9.  I felt stronger and healthier after eating all these nutrients. 
10. Try it and see for yourself. 
Follow this link to see over a dozen more indomie noodle recipes on wives connection 


  1. Aunty Eya this looks yummy. Hope it taste good

  2. Thank you Angelic wife. It tasted really good.

  3. Aunty, did you add the noodle spice and jollof rice spice to the noodles or you used just the jollof rice spice?

    1. Yes Anita. I added the noodle seasoning and Nora jollof rice spice.


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