Me, When I Started Blogging And Now. Growing Younger Under Stress

 Heading for a bazaar thanksgiving. Hubby took this pictures andI kept quiet oh, if anyone else was
doing the cameraman job,I would have asked to go get my clutch already inthe car. Any attempt to go pick that clutch would mean no more pics because I won't meet him waiting and I'll get upset that he didn't wait for me to go pick my purse,  then I might just remain sad and end up not enjoying the delicious food at the reception.  
If you have a husband that doesn't do African time, and our are going out together, no point begging for extra time when he is looking at the watch, just manage. You know my kids believe that when  daddy is around, we go early to church, we arrive early at events, when we travel we leave very  early and arrive early BUT,  when daddy is not around, we go everywhere late. Mummy doesn't even know how to say NO like daddy. We waste all her time and she just yells without doing anything" 

I can't be daddy now, if I  try, there'll be no softness anywhere in the house. When he is running late, you cannot say stop the car for anything oh, except it's an emergency. Me? they use my head well well.

I don't know if there are other hubby's there like mine oh. Or sha, maybe I'm just blessed with an impatient hubby.     Imagine your hubby was taking you pishures while running late for an event,  will he patiently wait for you to go pick your purse from the car? 

Anyways, you still want to see my pic when I started blogging 3 years ago?  Go here and you'll know that I have learnt more from you than you learn from me. This pic should have gone to my fashion blog but I'm putting that up for sale on Flippa cos e nor work at all. There the post title would have been kind of something like... How to wear red with silver. I already started talking like a fashion pro. Blogging has a way of teaching the teacher. I  won't advice even my enemy to do multiple blogs lai lai. If I wait tire without seeing buyers, I kuku import the fashion here, no wahala. 


  1. You look beautiful. You inspire me alot.

    1. Hi Ebijoy, thank you so much. You really know how to make somebori feel good.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Bride2mum, bless you sis.

  3. amakandidi12/03/2015


  4. Beautiful woman. You rock

    1. Brownsugar you rock too. Thank you dear.

  5. Anty Eya u knew wen u posted dt pix of wen u started blogging am surprised to see my comments dere. I think am ur number one fan😍

    1. What? Really, you are a darling my dear I'll go check those comments now. Thanks. You and a few others have really stood here with wives connection oh. Some of you may not even have comments here but the harassing emails you send to make me push harder? One love.

    2. Oh yeah. U are one in a million mbok. As at den ppl were even disturbing Anty Linda ikeji hwfa u lol. U don turn lekpa n under 20 in dis ur pix u just posted oooooo. Erm really happy. Looking good is good business as calabar woman talk. #wink


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