How Do I Control Pregnancy Weight Gain?

Good morning Aunty Eya, please help me post this question for blog visitors. I don't feel good about myself because my husband doesn't like fat women and my weight is almost double now in my
third trimester. 
I have seen too many slim ladies become fat orobo after birthing babies and With my weight right now, I can see myself turning fat after delivery and all the eating for breastmilk boost. Is there a way I can control my pregnancy weight. Does anyone out there feel like this or I'm just not a good enough expectant mother?


  1. Anonymous12/10/2015

    Watch what you eat while pregnant and watch what you eat after pregnancy. For me I ate mostly fruits, veg and protein that is meat chicken and fish after pregnancy and worked out for 20 mins everyday while my baby was asleep. I was a size 10 before pregnancy, a size 14 after and a size 8 after i put to bed.......3 months later

  2. Pls don't feel bad about ur weight it's normal to gain weight but it's also said dt constant exersize during pregnancy can guarantee rapid weight loss after birth so if u don't have a complicated pregnancy then do mild exceresizes for 30mins daily even if it's just walking up and down d stairs,i'm also in my third trimester and have gained about 12kgs so far but I'm not worried cos I know I will bounce back after baby


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