Giving Birth In America, Any Blog Reader With Experience Or Tips Please?

Travelling To Give Birth In The USA.

Good morning Aunty Eya, thank you for this wonderful platform that helps us share info f learn right from our bedrooms.  I am an ardent reader who started following wives connection right from inception.  This is my first post on the blog however.  Can you do me a favour?  I need info about giving birth in America. See Aunty Eya, my family has done the American green card lottery thing for over 10
years now with no success.  We started applying when I was pregnant for my son who is now 9 years old. I never planned on raising my kids in Naija but sha ba wahala. 

I'm three months gone . Really really want to have this baby abroad but I  hear it's difficult and almost impossible to travel to give birth abroad. I hope it's not true. Is there any blog visitors that have successfully travelled to the United States while pregnant? Will I be denied entry because of my pregnant status? Please help a fellow sister in dire need of a better life for her family.


  1. Mrs Bad12/10/2015

    No dear, I can tell you for free that you will not be denied visa or entry into the US because you are pregnant. It's is not illegal to have your baby in the states. As a matter of fact, the hospitals even like it when foreigners come around for delivery because in most cases, they are self paid, unlike they that are commonly into the use of insurance as their method of payment. The only wahala you can have with them is if you do not tell the truth completely at the embassy or port of entry, and also of you go and do not sort out all your medical bills completely, and that of your child of course. I can tell you all these things categorically cos I went to the embassy when I was very well 7 months gone, I had already contacted the hospital I was gonna use, and made a down payment of half of my hospital bill. After which I was given the receipt of payment and doctors appointment, which I printed and went to the embassy with. I also went with my statement of account and my husband's, cos we applied together (I just have a personal belief that you will be better advantaged applying as a family,I.e. husband and wife, than as a single parent). And I went when I was 9 months after being certified fit to fly, and I completed my hospital payment before leaving the hospital and also my doctor's fee, my baby's doctor's fee and our laboratory bills. I hope this goes a long way to encourage you and erase the fear of being denied just because you wanna go have your baby in the states.

  2. I think Mrs Bad Has said every thing you need to know

  3. Olamyde12/10/2015

    Thank God so much Mrs. Bad. I'm not the poster but this information has been really helpful. Please house I want to shop on mallforafrica. How does it work?
    Thank you

  4. I had my baby in September at USA and just git back. I didn't have doctors appointment nor paid before . I only renew my visa B1/B2 thru dropbox and I left 2weeks later at 36weeks pregnancy. I wasnt stress at d point of entry but I saw 2black visible pregnant women been led away by border protection agency officials beforr me. I later registered and went for appointment. I gave birth a month later paid out of pocket,get all my baby's particulars and left almost 4months later. The amount paid depends on state and Houston,Texas been d cheapest at between$6000 to $8000 and can go as high as$30000 if you have complications. The good thing is d bills come after you have your baby but you can bargain before delivery.

  5. Anonymous12/13/2015

    Wow, oh my God! I never imagined it could be this easy. Scary stories kept me from even thinking, thank you ladies. I so so so much appreciate your help. Aunty Eya, thanks for posting. Have a happy weekend.

  6. Anonymous12/16/2015

    Its nt so bad as pple say it.i had my two kids in USA nd just got back two weeks ago wit my second.if u need any info abt it send me a mail on ll gladly give u or u google giving birth in usa on nairaland, all info nd hospitals re dere.


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