Another Pregnancy 4 Months After CS, Please Help

Aunty Eya please help me. I don't know what to do. Don't even know how to inform hubby because he insisted I go for family planning but fear and stubbornness won't let me. After birth, the Doctors advised that I wait at least one year before getting pregnant again. I don't know how this happened. I
fear going to report myself to the doctor after all the medical advice he gave.
Am I save? Should I just go for evacuation to avoid later complications?

Aunty Eya please help me ask moms if any has gotten pregnant so soon after Caesarean section? Who send me?


  1. Madam the best person for you to talk to is a doctor, so head straight to the hospital and get medical advice. pls whatever the outcome, let your husband know because he will still find out. lastly use the internet to research on family planning, dont know why you should be afraid.

  2. Anonymous12/09/2015

    my dear i was in a similar situation few years ago, after cs and three months against doctors advice, i got pregnant again. my husband was against it and after much pressure from him, i went for an abortion. but do you know what, the guilt ever since have been unbearable. sometimes i see other children that would have been my aborted childs age mate and it spoils my day. I have never been the same. please keep your pregnancy, u will not regret it, unless if u have any health issues that will affect u if u keep the pregnancy. some women can terminate a pregnancy and they are ok about it but for some, it is a life punishment. goodluck

  3. Anonymous12/09/2015

    your doctor should be the on to advice you, dont be ashame to go to him or her, its better to be alive, i know som1 that was in d same situation, but d baby didn't survive . i personaly think 4 months is to early

  4. Anonymous12/09/2015

    My candid advice is visit ur doc and if all is well, keep ur pregnancy.don't worry about the closeness by the grace of God, you will have a safe delivery. You don't know what this child will turn out to be in future.

  5. Whatever you do, don't commit an abortion. If you do, you will live with the guilt of that. Eat well, be healthy. Take good care of yourself and have your baby. From the beginning, it will be tough but subsequently you'll be glad you kept your precious baby.

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  6. Go to the doctor and tell your husband. You can have a very healthy baby and uncomplicated pregnancy despite having a CS four moths ago. Please always take family planning serious by using some kind of contraception almost immediately after delivery to avoud putting yourself and your family in this type of situation.

  7. Anonymous12/10/2015

    Dear poster u ain't alone, I did cs too and got pregnant five months after am currently in my 2nd trimester, please visit your doctor , otherwise I don't think there's any problem. . Congrats darl

  8. Anonymous12/10/2015

    Dear Poster, I got pregnant barely 6 months after CS and had the baby by vaginal delivery. My sister-in-law got pregnant 3 months after CS and had the baby successfully by CS. I'm telling him this to encourage you that it is possible. All you need is close monitoring by your obstetrician and God on your side. Please do not abort that precious child that God has ordained to come into the world at this time. Congratulations dear fertile mama.

  9. Poster there is nothing to worry about. I had my 2nd baby on March 11th 2014 via cs the third one came April 7th 2015.So relax tell your hubby tell the doctor. Please make sure you go a good hospital. It will be alright.

  10. Anonymous12/11/2015

    Poster don't try to abort that baby, the truth is cos u haven't searched for a child for so many years, if u have waited for 10 years before conceiving not sure u would care if u get pregnant every month, the unexpected ones turns out to be the child dat makes us proud.. ask Messi the footballers mother. . Just see your doctor and take very good care of urself..

  11. Post Sender12/11/2015

    I feel so relaxed reading comments of similar scenarios. Dear Women on wives connection, May God bless you all nyafun nyafu. My husband is aware now that I posted this on the blog, he saw the comments and was like ok, just make sure you go see your Doctor soonest. I will go to the hospital on Monday for my baby's immunization and will seize that opportunity to report myself to the Doctor. I feel better now, much better. Thank you all.

  12. Anonymous12/11/2015

    Is this lady serious? How is aunty eya or anyone here supposed to help you? Go talk to your doctor and stop asking JAMB questions! Everyone's body and health status are different, so only your doc would be able to tell you if you are suitable to carry or not.

  13. Thank you ladies of wives connection blog. You all chop knuckles. So I saw the doctor, baby and I are doing fine and am so happy you gave me the boldness to face him. Hubby has no choice now since the doctor says we are both fine. Thank you.


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