A Northern Sister Shares Bdroom Tips To Help Revive Ailing Marriages

So, after reading the post and several posts on married women cheating in their homes, i pondered so much on it and it's glaring that this trend may keep increasing, one of the major factors is lack of sexual satisfaction. Many married women are suffering from this both those that are cheating and those that are not cheating, moreover the single ladies can also learn from this so as to get ready for their marital bed when the time comes. For the purpose of easy understanding i will divide this post into 3 sections, f you have any question about anything or contribution you can drop it in the
comment section and i will respond.  This is just an introduction and an overview of natural aphrodisiac that help women please their men and also get pleasure. It's not a hidden fact that northern women have been taught all of this from puberty in preparation for marriage. I must state here that the number one fact is your MINDSET. please determine to make your marriage work and bring back sexual pleasure, if doesn't matter whether you are now 4 size bigger than how you once were, you are beautiful! It doesn't matter if your Husband doesn't compliment you, compliment yourself and find your own happiness and know that you are beautiful.  

Now to the topic at hand, Basically 3 things are key to pleasing your man, and when you have a man that is pleased he will go to the ends of the world for you. 1. SKILLS 2. WETNESS 3. TIGHTNESS.
SKILLS: No one was born to be perfect with sexual skills, each day you learn and practice to be better, you must learn to explore your body and teach your man how to please you. If you don't know your soft spots then how will the man figure it out. At this point pleas i will say pls say no to missionary, lol. For you to get better with skills you must have stamina and this can be achieved through exercise. You must exercise even if its just evening walks to build up your muscle and flexibility. Open up your mind and research about various sex games, sex position, sex adventure you both can do.
SENSES: You need to use the five senses to seduce your man, Sense of smell, Madam, yes we know you have spent the whole day in the Kitchen but don't let your whole house smell of fish, or crayfish. Try and use nice air fragrance in your living room and bedroom and keep it very very clean. When action time comes, endeavor to have a bath with nice body soaps (if its not spontaneous) and use mild perfume on your skin.
Also the vagina must be kept very very clean at all times, after having your bath don't bother with panties so that natural fresh air can circulate well.  NORTHERN REMEDY (Turaren Auta( this is herbs that is soaked in perfume that you can burn in your living room or bedroom, also douching over it helps tighten the vagina. HUMRA ( this is a natural mild perfume that can be used after bath) WHITE MUSK (both the perfume and oil and very good fragrance and can be purchased from the body shop). Also while making love instead of the odor of love making the fragrance will be tantalizing your man. 

Sense of Sight: Pls avoid tying wrapper on the chest and walking up and down, get nice lingerie you can wear to please your man, if you are into kinky sex get role play costumes. Get him to watch you touch yourself,  and show him how you will like it. 
Sense of hearing: Send him naughty text during work hours to prepare his mind for coming home, not the normal how are you, have you eaten etc oh. While making love pls try  to express yourself, get dirty talking, i tell you from what you say you will eventually get his ego so high that his sole aim will be to please you. 
Sense of touch: As much as possible maintain body contact, eye contact even in a crowded room, while together use your hands very well. i will stop here google is your friend lol 

Sense of taste: This cannot be over emphasized especially if you want oral sex. You must eat lots of cucumber this serves as a natural cleanser and will leave a long lasting taste down there.................that will be all for now and watch off for the next post on natural remedy for wetness, tightness and response to all questions .


  1. Wow! Breaking the silence on sex in marriages... Just like we study to pass exam, we must study if we want explosive sex. Don't expect it to be automatic.

    Precious Core Blog

  2. Awwwwww CALABAR MBOK. Choiii very well said. I so learnt every single thing u just wrote. Questions. Where n what type of shop can I get dos listed perfumes,oils socked in sticks? Thank you so much for the post, dis ll go along way. Patiently waiting for ur next post. Much luv muahhhh

  3. This is a good piece.
    I have read alot about douching and my findings is that it is not healthy for the vagina.

  4. Nice one, poster it will nice to have a post teaching men how to please women too. As the saying goes "what is good for the gander us good for the geese"

  5. This is a good still learning lol.

  6. Very true jare @Remyne we need a post abt men2.

  7. Anonymous12/11/2015

    About letting him see u touching ur self, don't u think it is an act of marsturbation and some men don't like their wives to marsturbath.

  8. Anonymous12/13/2015

    @Anon 17:31, you have a point there. My kind of husband. I don't think he'll want to see me touching myself o.

  9. Anonymous12/25/2015

    I really appreciate this post. I want to have a great marriage so I'm learning well as so many people say marriage isn't easy. I pray I give positive n lovely testimonies about mine when I settle next year


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