Tuesday, December 22, 2015

35 Nigerian Christmas Recipes To Try This Christmas And New Year 2016

You can find your favourite Christmas and new year recipes on these food collages.  What's your favourite Nigerian Christmas Recipes?  If it's not here, let me know and I'll give you a link to find it. From these images,  I'll
link only the ones that I  think Nigerians love to serve and enjoy at Christmas and New  Year. Try any recipe here and watch your guests luck fingers and plates.
1. Jollof rice and beans with carrots 
2. Pan grilled fish dinner with rice
3. King prawn fried rice by Lizzy Obaze
4. Rice and baked beans stew
5.  Fried rice by Sisi Yemmie
6. Vegetable fish sauce with rice

7. Titus fish stew
8. Fried rice mix in the making.
To follow step by step cooking of all these rice delicacies, from number one to 8, click on all rice recipes and some more rice recipes  and much more rice recipes 

Ckick here for Salad recipes  

For step by step cake baking recipes,  Click Cake recipes
 We can bake our Christmas and New Year cakes from any or all these delicious cake recipes.  



  1. thanks for the update. good food is good health. thanks

  2. Aunty Eya, pls i ate one sauce it was thick and i want to make it, what will i add to make it thick. thanks

    1. Corn flour dt wt u add 2 mk it thick

  3. That thick sauce could be gravy. Follow this link to get the step by step recipe. http://www.wivestownhallconnection.com/2013/01/shredded-chicken-sauce-gravy.html

    I like to thicken with baking flour.