25 Best Christmas Gift Suggestions For A Nigerian Husband

A black or brown wallet 
The perfect Christmas gift for your husband, son, Fiance, brother or friend.  You know what he does,
what he likes. There’s no crime in giving more than one if you can afford to. Remember to give yourself a Christmas present too. While each year
we think only about the kids at Christmas, ,this year, wrap something beautiful,  place it under the Christmas tree for yourself too. If he doesn't like to work out,  maybe a set of gym wear will encourage him to start.  If he uses the public hair clippers at the barbing salon, a clipper gift will make him so happy. Think carefully,  decide on one.  Maybe he never gives back to you and for that you stopped caring, this Christmas,  try him again, please. 
A wrist watch 

 An Ipad or a mini Ipad

 Towel warmer this cold harmattan season 

 A Samsung Galaxy phone 


 Bottle opener or a lovely wine opener 

 An Iphone 

External battery charger 


 Play station 

 An organizer 

Shaving set

 Hair clippers 

 Toothpaste tube wringer 

 A pair of trainers 

 Get him a set of underpants with boxers or either

 Gym wear

Give him a pack of men's singlet 

 A dozen,  half dozen or more white Tees 

 Men's slippers 

 He will love a brown or black leather belt 

 A pair of jeans would be appreciated 

 A pair of pajamas or other sleepwear or lounge wear

 A briefcase or back pack 


  1. These are nice suggestions..

  2. You are very right with all these suggestions. You must be a good wife to your husband. Please keep it up.

    1. Hi David, I wish you cd see me feeling so good and smiling at the screen right now. You just made me feel really really good with myself. Thank you.

  3. Nice and lovely suggestions.

  4. Anonymous12/02/2015

    The underpants/ boxers picture sha - e fine sha but get as e be:)

  5. Anonymous12/19/2016

    Nice ideas. Thanks sis.


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