12 Delicious Finger Licking Nigerian Recipes To Cook, pick one

This collage of Nigerian recipes is so full of yummy, delicious, nutritious Nigerian recipes. If you try one each week, you'd have completed cooking
and enjoying these delicacies by March 2016. I'll leave below, links to all the delicacies on this food collage...
1. Step by step Puff puff making by Ayaoba
2. Nigerian white soup recipe
3. Nigerian white soup in the making
4. Edikang IKong soup in the making
5.  Suya rice by Omalicha
6. Acha pudding with akara by Deborah Bala
7. Stove top grilled chicken with Nigerian jollof rice
8. ofe onugbu Bitterleaf soup
9. Fried spaghetti and chicken  by Shishi
10. Rivers State native soup by
11. How to grill chicken in a fry pan (You need a non stick fry pan or griddle pan). You can also grill like HERE
12. Nigerian groundnut soup served with garri. 

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  1. My husband will eat and quench, Aunty Eya, you have done my table well and I'll try cooking effritin on the collage.You done well.

  2. I'm so happy i came across your blog, cooking made easy. Tnk and God bless you

  3. This blog is nothing but help from God. Thank you ma.

  4. This is heaven help. Thank you aunty.

  5. Anonymous2/01/2016

    Please can you add the link of how to grill chicken with frying pan?


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