My Testimony; Oven Death Reminds Me Of The August Experience

 The miracle baby, our new car wash, working so hard,  this is his favourite part of the day, every day . lol.

I promised to share my testimony after the oven death post. My prayers are with the family of that cute baby. About 3 months back, In August, then my 10 year old daughter who is now in boarding school was still at home. One evening after they got back home from school, she and
her 8 year old sister decided they wanted to make some pancakes for themselves with their self raising flour.  This is something they can do perfectly well and will never let me assist be a use I'll reduce their sugar.

Before they went into the kitchen, they were at the dining room doing their homework and my then 15 month old baby was there playing with them. They continued that play until they finished the homework and left for the pancakes.  Everything was going on well until suddenly, there  was this loud screaming from the kitchen and a loud sound of items falling and breaking with so much confusion. The  two girls rush out screaming and into their rooms. I got up, everything was happening too fast, no time to ask questions and who do I  ask why instead of run to me, they were too scared, ran past me and into the rooms. I didn't know when I got into the kitchen.  With confusion in my head, I  hear the baby scream but could not see him, then I see two tiny feet peeping out of the gas cooker oven lying on the floor with fire on the burners. Then I quickly realised that the cooker has fallen with the oven face down and my baby's legs are just peeping out of the oven.  Come and see me o, Eya that is known for not being panicky even in situations where everyone is running helter skelter.

Today that I need that calmness to help my baby inside the oven I became confused.  In a flip second, I thought, "better to turn off the burners first before attempting to lift the heavy cooker. We keep the gas cylinder outside so there was no way to quickly turn it off. In that fall, I don't know how the oven gas knob turned on and gas was already smelling in the kitchen. I wish I can type the perfect expressions for what happened that day. I tried to turn the flames off but couldn't because the know is broken and fallen somewhere out of sight. I managed to grab the little screw protruding out and turned, thankfully it worked and the flame went off.  These flames are burning on a cooker that has fallen on the floor o. So, I raised up the cooker a bit to enable me bring out my baby from the oven. The broken knows are still like that till now.

Then, after successfully removing the baby from that oven, come and see cry. I  can't remember crying like a baby before.  I say, the tears I don't know if those were tears of thanksgiving to God or tears of seeing my little baby in that kind of situation.  I cried so loud my daughter heard from the room, came out and joined me with cries and lamentations blaming themselves for not blocking him off when they saw him opening the oven. Asking themselves why they didn't lock him out of the kitchen as usual before turning on the burners.  Then me here at a corner holding tight to the baby and asking what would have happened if I left them alone to rush pick something around the neighbourhood like I did a few times before. I still make fun of my 8 year old and her exact words when she cried. She was like "See, Chairman, you are the only brother I have,  if you want to kill yourself, make sure you kill me first, make sure you send thunder to strike me first before you die because I  cannot live to see you dead"  All these words while crying profusely.

 Since that day  till today,  knowing how my son likes to climb into cupboards and all kinds of drawers, I haven't left him again with NO BODY. He follows me out even if I'd be gone for one minute.  That experience was different and strange. What if fire has caught on the cabinets?  What if the girls had put oil on the cooker before it crashed on my baby? Our God is an awesome God!

After wiping my eyes and theirs,  I then asked "what really happened in the kitchen? The girls said that before they entered the pantry, the baby was holding the oven door and they didn't think that he could open it, while they were trying to bring out the fry pan, they heard the crashing and breaking sounds and in that confusion thinking their brother is burnt, they rush out not even remembering that mummy was at home. Apparently, he tried to climb into the oven but  his weight brought everything crashing down on him.


  1. So many what ifs to think about in such a situation. I join you to thank God for averting such evil in your home. We will not weep over any of our children amen.

  2. Anonymous11/24/2015

    ahhh. as I was reading, my hearts was pounding. Thanks be to God who loads us with such great mercies daily. its indeed a miracle!

  3. this just reminds me of when hot food poured on my baby...God is merciful

  4. I'm crying on the bus just reading this.
    The devil is a thief, a liar and a failure and will keep failing in every matter concerning you and your household in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. Ahh Father Lord thank God for his life. Dis touching, children need to be carefully watched.

  6. Oh my God! Our Chairman? What? Whatever evil that the devil has planned in Chairman's life will never hold ooo. I can imagine how your little daughter felt at that moment, she was devastated.
    The God of kids is indeed GREAT!
    Thank God for sparing his life and thank God for your family!

  7. Thank God for your son's life. So many what if's could have turned this testimony side wards. We bless God.

  8. Praise God for the gift of life and His ever present protection. As you started your year with joy and thanksgiving, you will end it with testimonies and praise. That said,please all homes with lil' kids who are able to walk and grab,make your homes as safe as possible then leave the rest to God. As a medical practitioner, you won't believe the number of cases one sees at work of kids less than 2yrs being brought in with horrible burns from accidentally pouring hot stuff on their bodies. Then let's not even mention those brought in after drinking kerosene kept in mineral bottles,swallowing their parents' medication, watch batteries, earrings,toys and other stuff. As God blesses us with children, may they grow up safely and perfectly to fulfill their destinies. Untimely death and sorrow will NEVER be our portion. Amen.

  9. Brought me close to tears God help us

  10. Wao. Thank God for His mercies. Just like your many what ifs, it could have been worst. But thank God, heaven intervened.

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  11. Hmmm... Blogging is so not easy


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