Our Vegetable Ogbono Soup Gets 3000 Facebook Likes and 900 Facebook Comments, With Hundreds Of Shares

Nigerian Soup Gets 3000 Facebook Likes
Goodmorning guys, you know I think Nigerian food is great. Do you know that I posted this soup on wives connection Facebook page and as of today, it has gotten over 3000 Likes, hundreds of shares and about 900
Facebook comments? That's Epic for our soup.
Congratulation to us oh!
I kept wondering, then I said to myself that Facebook doesn't have any button that forces people to like, that means people truly like this soup. Maybe I should cook this again cos even my family and guests thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll post the Facebook page link below so you see for yourself.

When you get there, don't forget to like our page please. Wives connection Facebook page 
Incase you missed the soup post when it got published on the blog, vegetable ogbono soup recipe here

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