My Fiance Got Me A Job In His Father's Company, He Travels And Dad Wants Me, Should I Resign My Appointment?


Hello Aunty and blog visitors, I have been in this relationship for about 2 years now with my boyfriend, he proposed this year on his birthday in the presence of his family and friends. when I graduated from school and needed a job. My Fiance s father owns a large company in Lagos, so he thought it would be good for me to work there (thinking he could see me often when he comes to see his dad on his off days from his defence job).

I agreed and went to work like any young girl would, dressed in
my heels, tugging short dresses with plunging neckline (I wore more just in case my boyfriend came by and we could have some fun). However that was frowned upon by the older ladies in the office so I don on an oversized jacket each time to look covered and professional.

It was during my first week that I noticed my boyfriend's father looking at me with lustful eyes. I was shocked at first as I was dating his son, but he kept his advances towards me subtle and it did make me feel special deep inside.
A man his age (in his 50s) was actually interested in me... his wife was a teacher who was often busy with work and was hardly seen. 

One day I was working late when he called me in his office and asked if the workload was too much for me. I lied and said those ladies gave me extra jobs cos they were jealous of my look. 

"you do look wonderful.... but I have been wondering why you like to cover up your assets..." he said as he removed my jacket. That day I was wearing a deep blue mini dress that showed my cleavage superbly. 

As he talked to me he kept staring at my breast and soon I noticed he was drooling. Feeling warm and sexy, I asked if he liked my breasts and if his wife's breast was like mine. He said no and started moving closer to me as I heard his breathing get harder. 

He asked how big was my breast and if he could touch it as his wife's breast was only a 32B cup size. My boyfriend's dad was big built with big palms so I told him that my breast would fill his entire palm as it was 36D large cup size . That caused him to jerk and confused and not knowing what to do next, not even wanting to anmoy him cos its this job that's  keeping my mom and younger siblings alive after my late dads relations took everything frkm us. To please him and peradventure keep my job I told him to lock his office door.

Soon, he won't let me be. I asked him why he is doing this to his son and I?  He just replied cutly that no one will tell his son. About his wife, he says she's too busy doing her own businesses and doesn't have time for him anymore. He promised to stop when his son finally returns from foreign service . My life has changed so much during this short period. I moved my family to a neater neighbourhood and my brother for the first time is paying School fees early and resuming school and lectures on time. 

 Well, to cut the story short, my breast milk is now his meal supplement and also my workload dropped drastically. All these I'm aware could explode one day in my face. I'm right now just taking one day at a time hoping Fiancée returns quickly so his dad would leave me alone.  Another mind wants me to report my boss to his son and Damn the consequences. Kindly help me post on the blog for advice . I wish another job comes my way soon. Should I believe my boss? Will he leave me alone when his soon returns? 


  1. Hmmm...obviously you leaned into his advances. Imagine him asking you what size you are and you, telling him your size and even allowing him to touch it. Mehn! You just played with a furnace! If you tell your fiancé (even though he's going to find out one day) consider your relationship crashed!
    I really have no advice for you and my only solution is, 'turn back the hands of time and reverse whatever you did with your future father in law'

  2. Anonymous11/17/2015

    No way, u can't eat ur cake and have it. You are just a desperate and indecent girl. You can't have father and son, so have it at the back of your mind that u have lost ur BF

  3. Anonymous11/17/2015

    Dear Poster, to be candid with you, you have no scruples.You should bury your head in shame and leave that company. Firstly, you dressed provocatively to work on your first day giving a flimsy excuse ; secondly,you lied about having too much work load and even had the guts to say that the older ladies were jealous of you because of your looks...what a shallow way of reasoning. You knew your supposed father-in-law had his eyes on you and like the whore that u seem to be, you led him on. Which decent girl asks a man who's not her man such question as this:" I asked if he liked my breasts and if his wife's breast was like mine. He said no and started moving closer to me as I heard his breathing get harder".

    If you still have a bit of dignity left in you, kindly break up with that gentle man and leave the company for good. You ask if you should believe your boss? you really make me laugh because i can tell that you"re enjoying your sexcapades with boss or father-in-law or whatever he is to you. And lest i forget, i put it to you that you don't love your boyfriend. You are only with him simply because of the gold you can dig.

    If really you do not care about the consequences, report yourself to your boyfriend and please be truthful! if u succeed in doing that, quit that job and look for another. stop giving us the excuse that this man has given u a better life. there are many people out there who live in worse conditions; so do what is right.

    1. Anon 14.45 you just summed up exactly what i want to say, haba haba dear poster you dont love this your boyfriend, infact you just used him to get this job, trust me the father will never ever allow you marry his son, open your eyes and see that. If you tell the Son, he wont side you( no right thinking man will, from what you said you dont even sound remorseful. You think what the father is giving you is heaven because you have taken your family to a better place. Do you know you can lose all that i a nano second? for how long will you continue this escapades, using your body to get what you want. pls have a rethink and leave both father and son.

    2. Anonymous11/22/2015

      Hear! Hear! Anon!!!!!
      I couldn't have said it better!
      Poster is a disgrace to womanhood.

  4. Anonymous11/17/2015

    Asewo!sleeping with father and son...thats y poverty will never leave you alone.tueh!

  5. Anonymous11/17/2015

    You are a big slut. What the hell!

  6. Did I just read this? or is a prelude to an erotica i am writing for my blog? poster wth? You need Jesus. get ready to start afresh bcos you are going to lose 3:0. your boyfriend, his father(absurd), you job.

  7. Anonymous11/18/2015

    It's either you will be moving your family back to the slums or you will remain this man's mistress. Because lailai, this man will never allow his son to marry you so you don lose that already.
    You are not doing this for survival, you are simply a girl without scruples and principles who puts other women to shame.
    See your mouth like hope your fiance will return soon. So you will sleep with father and sleep with son too?

  8. Anonymous11/18/2015

    Father wants you or you're having an affair already. Nonsense! You simply have no morals. You are a disgrace to womanhood. After enjoying all the sex from the man, you're hoping his son returns soon. *spits and walks out*

  9. Stupid slot

  10. I feel the person that sent this in is just a great writer of fiction novels and wants to know our input

  11. I feel this person is just messing with our minds....won't take any of this serious

    1. Anonymous11/23/2015

      My thots exactly!this can't be true


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