Meet African Blogger Series 3: The Beautiful Lifestyle Blogger Sisi Yemmie

1. Hi Sisiyemmie, can we meet you? Tell us briefly about yourself. 
My real name is Yemisi Sophie Odusanya nee Aiyedun, I am a new mom and
newlywed (my wedding was in 2014 so I'm still allowed to be a newlywed) I refer to myself as  content creator, I create content for my blog and for Cosmopolitan Nigeria, I'm a personal lifestyle blogger. I studied Mass Communication for my Bsc and International diplomacy for my MA.

2.  Gistdotcom and SisiYemmiedotom, are they one and the same blog?
Gisdotcom was my blog name originally until I rebranded to Now Gistdotcom is the GIST part of I write about my varied interests, food, family, relationships, faith, anything I like really. 
3. How did you discover blogging?

It was in 2010 when I was studying for my Masters in the UK and was ALONE! My husband now then boyfriend told me to try out blogging, that was the first time I really knew about it. Since 2010 I've been blogging but more consistently since 2013. Interesting how it went from a hobby to a side gig and now it's what I do for a living.

4. We love your food posts,especially the lepa  friendly plantain porridge,  what's your favourite Nigerian meal? Briefly, how is it prepared? 
This is a tough one! I love good food and it is difficult for me to choose one as a favourite! Don't do this to me.

5. Blogging, before and after your wedding. Which era was easier? 
Each era comes with it's challenges: before my wedding I could go anywhere anytime I wanted, living the almost single and free life but being a wife and a mom comes with some responsibilities and restrictions...I have different priorities now so I have re-strategised my content, it's more family and mommy friendly and I think more interesting than when I was single.

6. What do you hope to achieve  with your blog in the next five years? 
Oh so much!  do hope to rebrand AGAIN because with blogging you have to evolve. I would love to be a household name adding value to lives all over. I also aspire to be more successful at it and reap all the good rewards that come with it.

7.  You are a very entertaining Lifestyle blogger,  If you were to pick one Nigerian blogger for a National Award,who would that be? Why
Hmmmmmm does the blogger have to be in Nigeria? I would pick Verastic, she's a Nigerian blogger in America and has been blogging way before me, so I'd choose her!

8.  Nigerians really really  love your Videos, would you mind cameras rolling in your home for reality TV?
I already have cameras but my own cameras rolling. I have a vlog every monday called Sisi Weekly which shows snippets of what I do weekly, so far people love it. It was one of those things I did to carry my audience along when I became a mommy and couldn't jump from one event to the other as much. 
9.   Your sense of humour,  did you learn that?

Humming *Baby I was born this way*! LOL. I like things of a light-hearted nature because you know, life can be tough, we might as well be laughing through it. My parents have a good sense of humour, my husband too! So some are learned, but deep down it's just the way I am.

10.  Food, Sleep  Sex,  pick one Why that?
Another tough one! Why do I have to choose? I would say FOOD because my affair with food is everlasting...but on the real, I do need sleep. With a 6 month old I don't get all the sleep I need. 
11.  What shade of lipstick would you suggest for women of colour? 
Women of colour come in different shades so I can't say 1 lipstick works with everybody although I would recommend Mac's Ruby Woo is a hit almost every time.

.12.  Would you advise black women with scanty hair to be Naturalitas?
Everyone can be a naturalista, full haired or scanty haired, that's the hair you're born with. Someone with scanty hair would benefit from keeping their hair un-permed because it definitely would be fuller natural than when it's relaxed.

13. Blogging and motherhood, any challenges? 
Definitely, how I manage my time is a challenge, I could be in the middle of filming a video and my baby cries for my attention, I have to hit pause and look after him. Typically I would go out to countless events but I'm one of those moms that love their baby around so I take him to every event...which restricts the kind of events I go to. As he gets older though I can become more flexible and go out more.

14. Any tip/advice for upcoming lifestyle bloggers?
JUST DO IT! One of the most frequent questions I get are from people asking how to become vloggers/bloggers, how to be perfect at it...Blogging is one of those things where you learn on the job, you can never know it all. If you're waiting to be perfect before you start then you will never start. Start where you are, use what you have.

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  2. Funny Sisi, please can I ask what camera do you use for your blog pishures and videos? I want to join you bloggers and vloggers soon

  3. I love sisiyemmie, she is very interesting.

  4. Looking so beautiful with a cute bby

  5. This is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Watched her vlog few days ago very nice

  7. She's so right. If you want to blog and you wait for things to get right, you will never start. Start up and things will fall in place. I really love sisiyemmie, she original and it's fun watching her vlogs.

  8. Interesting interview... Thanks

  9. Hmmmm....Sisi Yemmie,u answered intelligently.
    God bless u

  10. good interview filled with good advice

  11. I love sisi yemmie for her simplicity.

  12. Nice advice, especially the last part about starting with what you have and where you are


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