Instagram To Take Down Epic Penis Pictures

  I  saw these pictures a few days back in Instagram, ran away shouting "the blood". On second thoughts, I returned, took a screenshot to share on a Goodmorning post but on second thoughts I just changed my mind like what is good about this nudity. I thought of a suitable caption but couldn't find any so I left the pics alone. Then I bumped into the second pic below and git so confused I wanted 5 ask if that was real or prosthetic? The Games's penis had a good run on Instagram, but all good things must come to an end ... and the popular photo sharing app has put the kibosh on his package. 
The pics -- which showcase Game in his underwear -- were posted
three weeks ago and remained up ever since -- despite Insta's tough policies on nudity and such. But the pics have been flagged so much Instagram finally took notice.
The pics remain up as of this posting, but we're told Instagram is in the process of telling Game about the takedown. 

Is this real or prosthetic? who knows? I'm curious. From this lady's repro organs to her throat is not this long o.


  1. Hahahahaha hahahahaha God4bid. Destroyer

  2. Ai dnt belive it's real. How's. That possible?

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