I Get Turned On By Sniffing My Wife's Undies. Is Something Not Right With Me

Hello Eya, Hello fellow readers. You guys forgive me for getting addicted to this wonderful wives connection blog. I need opinions for what is happening to me ever since I met my wife . I thought it would stop with time but it's been two
years we got married and I constantly get turned on by sniffing my wife's undies. Do I need to see a medical Doctor? Please hide my details before posting this.
Is it ok to get turned on just by sniffing ├Żour wife's undergarments?


  1. Lol. Funny life. I will advise you go for counseling and give yourself to God in prayers about d ish.

  2. Does your wife knows about this? If yes, what's. Her take?
    If no, I dunno if it's normal o, different things turn different people on. I know of someone who gets turned on by fish
    But, I advise you see a trained psychiatrist. Trust me, they are one of the best in handling disorders.

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  3. Wao! Oga, if this happens with your wife only, me I don't see anything wrong with it. I think that your attraction to your wife is massive and that your libido must be very high too. Your wife don suffer I tell you. Does she know about this? Keep sniffing and making babies but please don't be tempted to take them outside your bedroom. That's you and wifey's little secret. I think you are the type of man that cannot do without his wife even for just a day.
    Enjoy your life.

  4. Anonymous11/26/2015

    There is nothing wrong with you. You are a healthy man who is aroused on account of his wife's pheromones. These are chemical substances produced from the genitals and armpits. They cause arousal in the opposite sex. My guess is you enjoy going down on your wife also. Keep on sniffing! Just be careful not to get a nasal skin infection. That can happen if you tend to rub your nose into the gusset of her panties. BTW, I am a doctor.

  5. Take doctors advice dear poster. It is well with your home


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