I Followed My Husband's Side Chick On Instagram, She Screenshots Me And Sent To Him

Hello Aunty Eya, kindly help me post this cos I need answers. I have always suspected this my husband's junior colleague, we've never met but I know her from the official group photos my
husband brings home. During events like annual get togethers and birthday marking, my husband's office has this habit of all staff taking group photos. Why I start being suspicious is because how come in most of these pictures, she stands or sits close to my husband. The postures look innocent but I have my instincts and stylishly asked for all their names to enable me investigate her a little.

Found her on Instagram,Ok so I followed. Next thing she screen captures me and sent to him. He doesn't even know I have just joined instagram.   So I'm wondering, how did she know me? I have never been introduced to her anywhere. And if it's innocent what she did,  why didn't she send to other followers or friends instead of my husband? Our marriage is not even upto  a year and I don't want to start having issues. 
He texted me and had me call him so he can ask me why I followed her on Instagram but I didn't give him a reason so, he had me unfollowed her and he said if I try it again he'll stop talking to me and that I'll see the other side of him if I try to embarass him before his colleagues. 
But still how would she know to screenshot my Instagram then send it to him if she doesn't even know me? I am so confused. Aunty Eya kindly post me without my details. I need answers to help clear this confusion in me. 


  1. Lisa Ephraim11/24/2015

    My dear for the sake of your sanity let this drop. Don't even make it an issue, decide to enjoy your man side chic or no side Chic. After all that's what she is side , disposable, forgettable you are the main deal so don't bother with the bin. Good luck.

  2. Hmmmm don't worry about it but if you have time then create another anonymous account and follow her. Trust your instinct

  3. Anonymous11/24/2015

    Madam, firstly it's very normal for a mistress to know her lovers wife. It's called precautionary measure. If she doesn't have anything with your husband then is she uncomfortable that u followed her on ig? And why will your husband threaten to stop talking to u? Those two are obviously up to something. Anyway, you have yourself out too easily. You should have followed her and a couple of other colleagues. My dear, shine your eyes oo. Before you will be inside water and both soap and pepper will enter your eyes!

  4. Hmmmmm....I don't understand this kind of marriages that are happening now ooo...I thought women can follow whoever they want on Instagram. Do some husbands restrict their wives from following people on Instagram too?
    My dear, women's instincts hardly ever lie so, my advice is, confront him and ask him why he said you shouldn't follow her on Instagram, besides it's just a social media following. Your marriage is too young to have such mistrust issues arise.
    And you said, he said he'll stop talking to you if you continue to embarrass him before his colleagues. Hmmm....tricky! Are you working? Are you depending on him alone? Because the way that sentence sounded, it's like you have no job but to follow people on Instagram. Or is he ashamed of you? Doesn't he want to flaunt his wife? Is he hiding you from people? Infact this year you must accompany him to those his company gatherings abeg! You guys are a couple and couples are meant to be together.
    My dear, I'll follow whoever I like on Instagram ooo...that's my own view and no one would stop me because I would not stop him. Besides, whoever that lady is, she should be ashamed of herself for reporting her colleagues wife to him.

  5. Just Negodu.......... I'll read comments

  6. Omg! What's with all these things I read these days. What's wrong with following someone on instagram? You were following some people and instagram suggested her to you. Or you saw her profile as liked by some people you are following get and you decide to follow her..

    Why the threat? Why will he tell you who to follow and who not to follow on social media? What's all these sef....Anywayz, no marriage is the same.. Whatever rocks your boat..Make I no go give advise wey go back fire

  7. Anty Adaeze 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋. Haba y is he threatening u huh. Please get a job asap mbok.

  8. Anonymous11/25/2015

    See Nigerian women. A woman sits next to your husband and automatically, she's dating him?????? Without evidence. And please shush it about that instinct. So many times, married women get paranoid and assume every single woman is dating their husband. Meanwhile, their husband is sleeping with a married woman .


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