How To Quick Cook Beans porridge In A Pressure Cooker

A serving of beans porridge cooked in a pressure cooker. You can add smoked fish and crayfish for variety. 
 Cooking beans in a pressure cooker is the fastest method. To pressure cook beans porridge,  don't
worry about having to open the cooker to add ingredients.  
 Firstly, wash the beans, add all the ingredients you want to use before pressure cooker is put on the stove. Here I added my fresh pepper sauce, seasoning cubes, salt, enough chopped onions, remember beans porridge tastes better with much onions. I added palm oil.

 After adding all the porridge ingredients, water comes in last. Water shouldn't cover  beyond two thirds of the pressure cooker, You don't want to over fill or cook watery beans. Anyways, for me, I love my porridge and soups watery. After adding water, click the lid on and turn on the heat.  Once the pressure cooker starts weezing, I wait 20 minutes,  turn off the heat and put the pot under a running tap.  Exact cooking time depends on the kind of beans and your type of Pressure cooker, and again, how hot your stove burns is another factor. I cook with a very simple pressure cooker, you can see it here

 Here is my well cooked beans porridge after the pressure cooker is opened. You can see beans looking firm and unbroken, but they are so soft you can't pick one out of that pot without crushing. If you like broken  thick porridge, just stir and enjoy.

 The baby likes to just pick one after the other with his fingers and into his mouth. He can spend up to an hour eating beans because it must be one after the other.  He'll finish chewing that one and swallowing before picking another bean. This is delicious.  All the ingredients blended together well.
If after cooking you are not satisfied with salt or seasoning,  add and let it boil with the pressure lid. Most pressure cookers come with two kids,  the normal cooking  pot lid and the one one you use for pressure cooking. If because of your toe of pressure cooker, the beans is not soft enough, you can complete cooking using the second lid and that should be done in a few minutes. 


  1. My hubby has been asking for this beans for a long time now...I shall try this recipe for him


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