How To Cook Nigerian Steak On A Stove

 My delicious beef steak cooked indoors. 
This steak cooked well on a cooker in a griddle pan. I call it Nigerian steak because we like to cook our meat done, not pink. I
cannot eat pink so it's a good thing I cook my steak myself. This time I experimented with a lot more ingredients. Normally I cook steak with just salt and pepper. Although hubby thinks this was extra delicious, for me, steak with only salt and pepper is the best. I like that roast meat taste that can only be enjoyed when we cook with few spices. I had to make this again the following day because they didn't get enough.

Placing they beef bone steak on a screaming hot griddle pan. The pan is so hot oil is almost splashing on my hand. This picture should have come almost at the end not here. A little oil is brushed on the pan before turning on the heat to start cooking. 

 I used a fork to poke the salt and pepper inside the meat cos there was no time to marinate. 

 In the jar is my frozen blended onions, ginger, garlic and pepper with some vegetable oil poured on top. This has been in the freezer for months cos I blended so much. Used mostly when I grill chicken or fish. 

 The meat is allowed to sear in the hot griddle, then I begin to flip sides like every 1 minute interval until it cooks. 

Cooks very fast.
Enjoy your weekend. 


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