How To Become A Successful Blogger Like Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji Made The List Of 100 Most Influential People in Africa.

Hate her or  love her, Linda Ikeji is number 1. She is the queen of bloggers. Getting there is very obvious but difficult you know. It's possible to become a brand like Linda Ikeji but, are you ready to pay the price?

Here Is How To Build A Blog Like Linda:
  1. Start blogging as early as 5 am and do not bother about breakfast or 3 square meals. 
  2. Eat your first meal by 12 noon or later 
  3. Blog in your pyjamas till 3 PM or later 
  4. Be honest with your blog readers 
  5. Give that blog 100% commitment. Not blog today, go for owambe tomorrow. 
  6. Subscribe to all Networks in Nigeria so you don't get stuck when one is misbehaving. 
  7. Get your family involved, you don't need that cooking or washing break. If you are good to mum,she'll do all that while you just face the screen. 
  8. Let blog readers know you even if they have never met you. Tell them who you are, be very sincere o,not cock and bull stories of being born in Lagos or Abuja when you know that you were born in your village. 
  9. Do not let your readers refresh without finding new posts as that can be disappointing. 
  10. Blog daily, do not be a lazy blogger that takes Saturdays and Sundays off to relax and cool off with friends. You don't need that while building a blog. 
  11. Some nights fall asleep by 1, 2 am infront of the laptop without even shutting down , because you have blogged the whole day and are exhausted. 
  12. Blog even when you don't feel like it.
  13. Publish between 20 and 50 blog posts daily 
  14. Do not go chatting on Social media or replying long mails cos that takes away from blogging time.
  15. If you must reply,  do so in short phrases below ten words and that should be for very few mails.
  16. After a period of time, stop responding to comments,  readers will reply themselves and save you the time. 
  17. Practice Sunday praise and worship sessions in front of your laptop because some readers peep in for updates even while at church. 
  18. Forget about life outside the Online worlld because it will take time off blogging. You can sew the aso-ebi but you don't have to attend those events.
  19. Keep marriage aside for now, a husband will demand attention and that takes away from your blogging time. 
  20. Marriage will bring kids who even though are a great blessing,  will surely take away from blogging time. The fact her getting married is delayed could be a blessing that Linda herself might not know. Pregnancy, hospital appointments, kids PTA meetings, Parties and events at childrens schools, hospital visits with children, sometimes hospital admissions too. Imagine having kids at this time of her life, what won't she be able to afford for them? Nothing money can buy.
  21. Be fearless, if you blog on news and current affairs. Post about the high and mighty too.
  22. Do not say because someone hurts you, you won't post about them, No, your readers need that information and your first loyalty is to them.
  23. If you must make trips, be brief,  don't be carried away by the fact that you can afford luxurious vacations. Face blogging as if that is all you were born to do.
  24. Be fun and entertaining, life is already too serious and people just need where they can go and have a daily dose of laughter. 
25.   With this few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you that becoming a successful blogger like Linda Ikeji  is a possibility. 
26. Be business minded. 

*One more Important point is to check yourself well well o. Ensure there are no curses following you from your village cos if there are, even after doing all that she does, you fit no climb even half the ladder o. You also need a good dose of Goodluck. HOWEVER sha,  if you cannot do all the above and more, then keep quiet o. Stop asking if she is the only blogger because, we are many blogging but very few are able to  give even one tenth of that attention and commitment like she does.
 Also on the list by the New Africa magazine are President Buhari and former president Goodluck Jonathan, Lupita Nyong'o, Trevor Noah, Dangote and many more...continue...

The magazine also had..
-The UN Special Advisor on Post Development Planning, Amina J. Mohammed
-AFDB’s new President, Akinwumi Adesina
-Nigerian Diasporan, UK MP and Labour Party leadership hopeful, Chuka Umunna
-World Bank VP and Treasurer, Arunma Oteh,
-Nigerian industrialist, Aliko Dangote
-UN Special Advisor on Post Development Planning, Amina J. Mohammed

The annual “100 Most Influential Africans of 2015,” according to a statement from the magazine, presents the continent’s definitive power list and profiles the continent’s top game changers in eight different fields: Politics (22); Public Office (four); Arts and Culture 


  1. This is hilarious, I really enjoyed reading.

    "Practice Sunday praise and worship sessions in front of your laptop because some readers peep in for updates even while at church." Lol :-)

  2. Really, blogging is serious business, i doff hats to all bloggers who are trying to build a successful brand. It hasnt been an easy road.

  3. hahaha, abeg before my husband come share story on your blog looking for help for me, I go dey blog they go small small. This is Hilarious though

  4. This is so funny! Yes ooo...blogging is not beans, infact there's no job that's beans. More greases to the elbows of all the bloggers all over the world.


  6. Anonymous11/25/2015

    This is rather funny but true. Your basically saying don't have a life.

    The other point about blogging you perhaps forgot to mention is don't try to run more than one blog at the same. Either one would suffer or both would suffer from inattention or you'll run yourself down. I know this from experience. It's a daunting task trying to maintain two blogs at the same time. I had to shut one down to focus on the other.

    How's your other blog doing Eya??

    It is well.

  7. to be a blogger is not a one day job oooo my people me my self i know what am going true with my blog for me i want to give my holl time to blogger i love blogging very much
    my site is


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