Failed Past Relationships Preventing Me From Trusting My Fiance, How Do I Change?

Hello Aunty Eya, God bless you for all that I am learning from wives connection even though I'm not married yet. I need mature advice from other readers and you too please.

In My past 3 relationships I had been cheated on. One I walked in on,the other 2 I caught shady stuff in their social media and
phone and was told later by friends after we broke up. I am in a relationship now with a guy who I honestly believe is a great guy and feel like he would never do anything to hurt me but I can't let my past go and trust him. He is also still friends with many girls who he's "non emotionally hooked up with" in the past. He looks to me like he'll make a good husband. I  have fasted and prayed about the relationship, tried so hard to trust him but it's not working. Yesterday he proposed and it's so hard for me to just trust him and accept.

  I asked that he gives me more time to think but no matter how I think, there is still that fear he might hurt me like the other three. Any advice how to start over brand new and forget my past so it doesn't affect my present relationship?  


  1. Just forget it and move on with your new guy! As God to help you forget the cheating of your exes and all will be well.

  2. Even if majority does same but still we have sincere once. And don't put the idea of him cheating or not cheating on your head b4 u have HBP. Be open minded, live for the moment instead of living in the future. What matters is if u guys love n understand each other and there's a good communication BTW u both. Firstly if he's God fearing. Den every other thing is Jara. Accept him and move on with ur life. All the best


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