Addicted To Eating. Any Idea What To Do?

Gud day ma,  Hope u had a splendid weekend?  ma my stomach is about to burst. I don't know what to do to help myself.
Am addicted to eating even when am not hungry
Ma, my stomach is about bursting. Please any idea of what to do or how to stop this?


  1. Anonymous11/30/2015

    When u feel like eating drink a lot of water. You can also keep fruits, nuts n veggies handy. That way u r not consuming so much calories. E.g garden eggs, tigernuts, carrot, cucumber etc. Then gradually train urself to ignore hunger pangs. If u had breakfast @ say 7/8am. You may feel hungry @ 10am. Just drink water and eat some of d above listed. Also try to chew gum n get busy. Being busy distracts u. I hope this helps


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