18 Nigerian Food Recipes To Cook This Weekend

18 Nigeran Recipes for you to try cooking this

weekend. pick any, and I'll give you the link to it.
This is a Beautiful collage of some wives connection recipes.The 18 photos are different delicious dishes. Make up your mind on any, just tell us which number you like and anyone on the blog can help with the link to view step by step cooking pictures and try making in your kitchen. Another easy way 7 to just look at the picture well well and Google it like say ...jollof macaroni on wives connection or you type ...All macaroni recipes on wives connection. Sha if I  were you, I'll leave a comment stating which one I want to try.
I'm going to number them from left to right until we get to the last row:Good luck and have fun cooking. 

  1. Blended afang soup with home made(from scratch) wheat flour foofoo
  2. Egusi vegetable soup 
  3. Groundnut vegetable soup
  4. Egusi Bitterleaf soup
  5. Egusi lumps in ogbono soup
  6. Vegetable draw soup
  7. Beans and dodo cooked with veggies 
  8. Ingredients for Lizzy Obaze's efo elegusi soup
  9. Stir fry
  10. Jollof macaroni with corned beef
  11. Afang soup cooked with stockfish, Kanda, served with eba 
  12. Delicious stuffed pancake rolls 
  13. Okra soup
  14. Rice and gravy 
  15. Rice, grilled fish with gravy 
  16. Delicious Edikang IKong soup cooked with tomatoes 
  17. Okra soup with stockfish and goat meat
  18. Multi purpose Egusi soup by Chubby Ella 


  1. Jennifer11/26/2015

    Number 5 Aunty Eya, how do I get the recipe?

  2. Aunty Eya, I am new to your blog but I have learnt so much this past 2days. Keep up the good work. I am interested in 10 & 12

  3. Ok Jennifer and Daisy, don't worry, I'll just add links on the numbers above. 1 to 16

  4. Anonymous12/11/2015

    We are waiting for the links. Thanks

  5. Anonymous12/11/2015

    We are waiting for the links. Thanks

  6. Anonymous1/06/2016

    Good evening ma, well done and thanks for your beautiful work onthe blog. Pls ma what brand of food processor do u use and what's the price. Thanks.


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