10 Baby Items You Can Do Without If You Live In Nigeria PLUS The Essentials

Baby Shoes
First time pregnant moms are those who really need this post to enable them save a little something. A lot of women
make this mistake of buying every baby item in the market. After baby arrives, only few are really needed while the rest goes to junk, that's good cash being wasted there. Some of these items are given away and never get used even in their new homes. They continue being recycled until they start looking old. Newborn babies do not really need the whole world to keep warm and look good.
Below are the baby items you can do without:

  1. Baby shoes. Your newborn doesn't need shoes until he begins to put feet on the floor, all he needs now are baby socks to keep the feet warm.
  2. Baby Strollers:
  1. A Fancy Pants Stroller
    A Nigerian baby may not need this except for use indoors, where do we stroll babies to? Where are the sidewalks? is it this ones that cars pass and dust is on you? Do we have well planned neighborhoods to stroll around and enjoy the evening breeze or you want to take the baby out under Abuja hot sun and come back home with catarrh and cough?
    Special Detergent For Babies
  2. Special Detergents: The regular Ariel detergent, Omo, So Klin and others sold and used by the family are good for baby's items. You only need to rinse with plenty clean water. Bar soaps or regular toilet soaps like Premier, Lux soap, Joy soap etc and even baby soap can be used for washing baby clothing items. You don't need to buy any fancy detergent for baby clothes alone.
  3. Diaper warmer:Wipes Warmer
    There is no winter in Nigeria na, even our harmattan season is barely cold if you live in the North, a diaper warmer is not necessary. Leave the diapers in their bags or drawers and they are good.
  4. Pacifier and Pacifier wipes Pacifier Wipes
    Buying any of these is unnecessary expense, a Naija baby does not need pacifier because we have time for them and want to overfeed if necessary, we like their mouths free and open so we pop in the nipple with every little cry. We do not want them to endure discomfort unless the thumb suckers sha. These days, even oyibos discourage pacifiers o.
  5. Formula Mixer
    A formula mixer in Nigeria? what happened to Nigerian mothers and baby friendliness? Even if you need to feed with formula, use a clean spoon to mix baby formula and that saves some money.
  6. DESIGNER BABY CLOTHES: Designer Baby ClothesWell, here, I don't want any reader that knows me to ask questions abeg. My kids wear designer because they are bought on sales. Buying children designer clothes on sales is more economical than even buying Abanayna. The only reason my baby wears designer outfits is because we buy them in bulk during sales, we buy for different ages and store so the baby grows into them. For the girls, they keep passing on like a football. The oldest girl is the one that gets new wears the most, the youngest has the most wears because she keeps inheriting. so, aside buying on sales with 50, 80% off, we won't smell designer baby clothes. On the whole, we don't spend much on their wears o. Well, durability too but some regular tailored clothes are also very durable.  I know  there are new moms who cannot bear seeing their babies on clothes that are not labelled, Carters, Marks and Spencer, Dolce and Gabana, Tommy Hilfiger, etc, it's good but not when you put all your savings there to impress friends. If you buy designer items for a newborn, it might not be wise because babies outgrow them too fast, unless you plan to keep for the next baby.

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  7. Disposable Diapers and diaper disposers:
    If you have the time, or have people around who can assist with the washing, why not invest on cloth diapers? They save a whole lot of money. Some moms think it's impossible to keep them white and shiny after a couple times but I say that's not true. All we need to keep cloth nappies sparkling is Detergents like Ariel and boiling water. I have used cloth diapers and honestly, talking from experience; My diapers never change colour even one bit. They remain new until baby is like one and they start falling apart. The secret is, like I said earlier, boiling water, not just hot but BOILING WATER with detergent. If you cannot wash all the time,  Get a bucket with a lid, store soiled diapers in that bucket and leave covered. You can empty and wash once daily.

    Soak in cold water and remove all baby poop, the poop falls in as soon as they are soaked in water, squeeze  out, meanwhile, in another bucket, pour in some detergent, then boiling water straight from the kettle. Now, soak in there the yellow  colored diapers, stir with a stick or any object because water is too hot. Leave to stand until you can put your hand and wash without burning. By the time the water is warm enough for your hands, you'll discover the color has vanished, without even touching them, the hot water and detergent cleanses the stains like magic. Maybe you need a few disposable diapers for outings and night time, (I think Huggies and Pampers are great),  apart from that, especially the not very busy mom, you save a whole lot and make life easier with cloth diapers.
  9. Baby Cloth Drier: If it's not rainy season, then the line at the back of the house can dry baby clothes. Baby cloth drier is only necessary when it's wet and washed clothes don't get dry in one day.
  10. Baby food processor 
    Do you really need this? How many food processors can one family have? A regular mini food processor can do the exact same thing and even more because you'll still need it even after baby is off baby food. Always wash clean after use and leave open to dry and deodorize before packing.
  11. Well, these are all I can think of for now, I'll keep adding when I remember more and you too can help us add the ones you think new moms don't really need...


  1. Mom to be10/27/2015

    THANK you, thank you, thank you. This will help me a lot. There are some items here I just changed my mind about, you are a blessing to me.

  2. Anonymous10/27/2015

    This is on point Madam Eya, thank you. The rains are going away I think I have to strike baby cloth drier off my list now. I need every kobo.

  3. Great tips. You nailed it.

  4. Anonymous10/27/2015

    Great post Eya..

  5. The list is on point! We spend a lot of money on frivolities when we can make do with the basic

  6. True, one thing I have here is the baby drier which I bought cos of the rainy season. I use Mt blender to make my baby's food and I also use cloth nappy and use daiper for outing and at night, it has saved us a lot of money. Welcome back aunty Eya

  7. I really needed this cos I'm expecting my first thank you,i hope my comment gets posted pls give us more lists before I go baby shopping.

  8. I totally agree with these list except for the stroller. I use my stroller regularly for shopping in NEXT or shoprite. I use it within my estate, then to church cos we are perpetual late comers (not that I am proud of it) we never get to sit inside, cos my baby is restless and wants to explore. Beside with the whole security in abuaj, one has to treck a long distance before getting to the church cos we are not allowed to pack inside..then about the food blender, I couldn't agree more...please just get a food processor and it will puree ur food to any texture besides it has other uses.

  9. I am sure pregnant moms are definitely get some new from this post; basically new mothers are unable to know every bit of details about their pregnancy and baby care issues. So they used to follow expert advice and I hope with the help of this article they are able to collect every baby care products those are really essential for our baby. Here we got all the selected collection which deliver best baby care to our babies; thanks for such a beautiful article.

  10. Anonymous11/11/2015

    Plz l need pet name to call my hubby,we re newly married I jst think dat honey sweet my love suger re too common jst need a special name for him nid ur help.

    1. Anonymous11/12/2015

  11. Linkon Hard11/15/2015


  12. efrtwqetw12/06/2015


  13. Thank you o! We keep drawing up our lists from babycentre etc.

    However I think the clothes drier is indispensable, rainy season must surely come within the child's first year.

    Also, for those in shared or open compounds it's better to have your clothes in front of your house for monitoring.

    Besides, the entire family's laundry can dry on it during the rains, which is why I believe it's worth investing to buy a good one. My sister used hers for almost 7 years.

    1. Anonymous9/11/2016

      Yes oooo can't do without it.I feel so comfy using it both foor kids even inner wears for me.


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