Why Do I Act This Way? Is It Just In My Head?

I don't know if I want this story to be posted and clearly don't know why am writing this might not even send it....

I lived 21 years of my life beign the black sheep of the family not what I want but I just find my self doing the wrong things you may say am stupid cos I know dey are wrong but I still do them I don't know what's wrong with me.I have a beautiful daughter p.s I ain't married got pregnant in my final year you would think that would have made me hate any male specie but the reverse is the case I know what I want but something just keeps me back.  I hear all the advices and motivational messages but something isn't just right should I give up? 
Should I settle for less? Is there really no future for me? I often wonder it's all in my head..

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  1. not just in your head. Like Paul said, the things we do not want to do are those things we find ourselves doing. Life is struggle for everyone, we can't give up cos the battle is not yet over. Everyone is different and no one can change that. Some people are prone to being more stubborn, quiet, reserved, loud etc than others and that is how they were born. Your temperament is something you can only improve on but cannot change. God can do all things if you are willing. You can prayerfully work on yourself and if you have time to read, there's a book I like to recommend for you, it will help you understand yourself and know where and how to improve and how to relate with even people who are different from you. This book helped me and the copy I have now is my third because I told myself anytime one disappears, I'll get another. I'm very careful with this one so it doesn't disappear like the first two. I read it over and over again . It's a must read for you.
    WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO by Tim Lahaye.

    1. You have a great future. It's up to you to make or destroy it. The mistakes of the past are in your past and everyone has a past. Age is just a number sometimes and everyone's mental maturity is not the same. At 21, maybe you were still reasoning and behaving like an adolescent and that's you. Asking the right questions now shows you have begun to think like an adult so this is not when to give up. Different children develop differently and that's why parent need to understand that and never compare Mary to Martha or try to raise them the same way because what works for one child may not work for the next. If you think there's no future for you and settle for less, what happens to your child or you want that cycle to continue to her generation? Finally, if you walk with God,start communicating with him and there shall be no more curse. There shall be no divination and no enchantment. He'll raise you high above principalities and powers.Theres still so much ahead that you can't see.

  2. Anonymous7/02/2015

    @ poster you story is So touching, May God guide and set your path right


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