My Wife Only Focuses On Making Money, I Am Tired

Dear Eya and blog readers, this  is my own case,  I am a married man with three kids, de problem is dat  when I married my wife newly she was very hardworking, but now she has becoming lazy, she hardly tidied up de house, I am a hardworking man, all expenses of de  family is on me, she is doing business, she has been neglecting her duty as a wife, all she
focus is on money, and I am tired of enduring, anytime I tried to let her know her wrong she will never admit, iam tired of enduring, I need advice, pls private mail also accepted,


  1. Please pray for her, talk about her to God. And you will surely see changes. Remember that you are the head as Christ is the head of the church. Keep advising her and pray, it is well.

  2. , your mail is live on the bloig now. Try not to get tired, things will be alright. You see, marriage is hard work and no one has ever said it's very easy. It's only the grace of God that is sustaining marriages especially in these hard times with very high cost of living. Don't forhet that money is a major cause of divorce in many marriages. Do not let it happen to your family. You remain the head of that family and that stands. You are not happy at the way things are going and before you get tired, please do something differnt, think about your kids and if you both have a place of worship, I'll suggest you see the head, like a pastor and talk with him. When she's invited over, you both will speak your minds and that will be the beginning of some agreement and peace too. Don't fight her please. She might not see things the way you see them. The business too might not be as profitable as you think, that's why it's important for couples to be open about finances.
    When you both talk about this, you'll feel better.

    When you married her, there were no other responsibilities. It was just the two of you. Now with the children and her business, it's hard to keep up keeping up like before.

  3. Anonymous7/03/2015

    Nothing is perfect in this world except God's work,if u are a house wife people will complain, if u are a working class woman some will praise u while some will criticise u. I begin to wounder what is it with this world self, I am a wife who stays at home and run my husbands business yet people criticise me cos I'm at home and they calls me a house wife, for me I'm not bothered cos I have a self esteem and I have every thing I want, they is this lady in my compound she employed a nanny to be taking care of her 2 month old baby, from the moment she leave s the house the baby will be crying till she comes back and when I said crying I mean real crying that can even make an adult have mygrain, my dear people the husband is a very rich man the children goes to the most expensive school in our area and I'm sure the man will be feeling the same way like this poster. Any way some people might say what I'm I saying just that we women should take care of the kids if the husband says pls that he will provide for the family just till the kids grow unless is a business u own which the kids can come to after opinion my thought, all aboki to his kettle

  4. Anonymous7/04/2015

    I am not sure what the problem is, is this just about your wife not doing housework like once before or something that you are not mentioning? Your wife is not there just to keep the house clean, there is more to a woman's worth than her ability to bear children, cook, clean and wash. You have not mentioned one true character flaw against your wife. Could it be that you are the one with the problem? Could it be that your vision and expectation of who a wife should be is somewhat archaic? Have you ever helped her with any of the chores? Have you ever cooked a meal so one day she comes home she can get a hot meal too?

    Your money may not be enough to sustain the family comfortably and that is why she is out there hustling like this. We live in a very expensive world now and money just don't go as far as it did 30 yrs ago. Many households cannot comfortably function on one income solely. You may delude yourself to think your income is enough, but your wife must know something about the financial condition of the family that you don't and that is why she is pushing herself to that extreme.

    Sit her down and have a heart to heart. Find out where the family is at financially, ask her if she is tired, needs help, how her business is going. Connect to her as one, and hear what is going on in her world. I have a very strong feeling that you two are living together but becoming strangers and are no longer a unified team. It would be good to hear her point of view.

    1. Anonymous7/04/2015

      God bless you

  5. Anonymous7/06/2015

    Mr Man, I don't see any problem here, Please appreciate a hardworking woman and tell her to get a nanny to tidy the house since you think that's the issue and she can pay the nanny from her pocket since she works.

    That's what i do working, cooking taking care of the children and cleaning the house can take a toll on a woman.


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