Meet Nigerian Blogger Eya Ayambem At Typearls

 Eya Ayambem giving interview at Typearls. 
The interview with Christina TY of Typearls lifestyle reveals much more about the Nigerian lady behind
these two blogs:
1. Nigerian fashion blogs:

2.  wives connection:

 If you have ever searched online for anything about Nigerian fashion, then you must have seen Typearls lifestyle. Her blog most of the time appears number one when queries on Nigerian fashion or lifestyle are typed on Google. So,  she sat down with fellow blogger Eya Ayambem for a little chit chat to make the lady behind wives connection reveal a bit more to the Online Community.
Want to know some more about Aunty Eya? read her interview at Typearls lifestyle

 Yes o, your momma. Losing baby weight after 5 kids? a big challenge, not easy but possible. Oh yes,We can. When I started working out and dieting a bit, I never thought losing about 10 kg is possible. Now I know it is. It's all about lifestyle changes. The moment one slacks, that weight begins to mount again. Put your mind there and you can lose a much as you are comfortable with. You can wear that abandoned dress again just like I am doing here. I couldn't wear this little dress for 3 years and refused to give it away because I was really looking forward to the day it will fit again. Now I can relax and feel comfortable in my skin. Naturally, weight comes with age. At forty, after five pregnancies, go at your pace but ensure that tommy doesn't continue to look pregnant. If I can lose the weight, you too can drop that weight, give your heart less pumping, live  healthier and longer.
Congratulation to all moms who successfully drop that baby weight after delivery and to all other women out there actually doing something about unhealthy body fat.


  1. Nice interview. Thumbs up!

  2. Replies
    1. Whether a s/he, my heartfelt appreciation.

  3. Anonymous7/18/2015

    Hmmmm I reserve my comments cos I have got nothing nice to say.

    1. Better!!!! Thanks for saying nothing

  4. Thanks Eya for granting the interview. so hot.

    1. My pleasure, anytime. Thank you too TL

  5. physiomama7/20/2015

    Nice interview. You are one blogger I admire a lot. Kudos to you for your perseverance.


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