Ladies, Please Help A Bikini Hair Sister

Hello Eya, my name is Becky, am 27 years old. i have been reading your blog for sometimes now. please i want know the best product or cream to use for bikini area, i know it sounds awkward.but i am not really comfortable with the cream am using, i use veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin, and before
one week the hair grows back again. i cant even apply to some areas around the v-part, because i feel a  pepperish   pain whenever i apply on such area. after some days i also notice some bumps. so please i want to know the best product or cream to use for a sensitive skin like mine, i heard about waxing,epilator and laser hair removal product but i dont know how or where to get the product, the dos and dont, possible side effect and how effective they can be. i dont know any dermatologist either.  thanks. as i await postive response.


  1. If Shaving creams do not work for you, maybe you use a new shaving stick each time and make sure you wipe with cotton wool dabbed in methylated spirit. You can shave once every weekend.

    1. wipe *immediately* after shaving.

  2. You can get it waxed- that lasts a lot longer. I'm not sure how much that'll cost but you can Google it, there should be home-waxing kits you can use.... hopefully.

  3. Waxing lasts a lot longer. Its painful but most women tend to wax once every 3 to 4 weeks. A lot of spas and beauty shops in Lagos provide this service and the price ranges wildly- some home attendants charge as low as n4k while some others such as b natural spa charge n10k or so. There are also home made waxes (honey based) and chemical waxes.

  4. Waxing is best for that area. Pls don't use veet for your private area.

  5. Anonymous7/27/2015

    I use all clear for that area n I don't get the peppery sting... Maybe u should try it too, it's just #550


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