I Want A Single Father, Widower, Responsible Working Class Man

[19:59, 07/07/2015] ‪‬: Aunty. Good evening ma.
[19:59, 07/07/2015]‬: Pls. Kindly post this on the blog for me.  for me, . Its urgent and important. Thank you.
[20:00, 07/07/2015]‬: I'm tired of being lonely.

I really don't want to write much here, when my man shows up, he can ask me all the personal questions.

I'd like to settle down. But not just with any person. I want to marry a single father. Maybe someone with 1 or 2 or 3kids. Yes, a widower.

A matured and responsible working class man. Accomplished too. Someone who needs a companion for himself and a mother to his children.
Most importantly, he must be a Godlover. Not someone who believes in just any universal God. He must be someone who EXACTLY sees Christ as God.
Well, im a single mum too. Close to hitting my thirties. A graduate and a business owner. I'm doing great. Very great.
I'm also a very loving person. And a GodLover. I'm
someone God can correct. I listen.
Now, why do I want to settle for this class of man?

Please, do not mistake this for a plot to take over an existing woman's home, and that is why i am a bit worried about sending this in the first place. But then, what has to be done needs to be done.

There's so much going on in our world right now, that makes it scary bringing more babies to this world. I'd rather be a mother to some kids who have their father but dont have their mum around anymore. I'd like to groom them, and raise them as generals.

Plus, I've seen so much evil been done by step mums. I'd really want to be an example of the fact that not all step mums are mean. Some of them have so much love to offer. I want to be a light that other mums can reference in 20, 30yrs to come.
I also want to show the man that he can still stumble on a love. A lifetime companion.
I want to be a wife and a mother. Someone they can look up to and call mum. Someone who they can proudly display in 20, 30yrs time as the best thing to ever happen to them. A builder. And my husband's greatest fan.

I want to get married and be mommies to those kids.

I am already excited for these kids and the man too. I really do hope the man won't be threatened by what I can do , instead, I hope he sees it as answers to his silent prayers, as the help meet sent to work with him to achieve his goals and build a family with him that we both can be proud of

So please,  if you know of any such man that falls in this category.Kindly drop your contact with the blog owner. She will contact me. Or drop your email here. I will contact you.
Pls, this is for real. I really want something to happen from here.


  1. Anonymous7/09/2015

    May God help u in ur search. Hope the married women here don't come after you! Lol...

  2. Let Only the will of God be done in your life and not your will. May he see your true intentions and give you what you deserve. Good luck

  3. Amen. You will get exactly what you want, believe me. It happened to me. Only rely more on God than blogs.


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