Fresh Fish Stew By SeyiFunmi Meg Ricketts

Fresh fish stew for Rice, yam, plantain and even swallow.

Fresh Croaker Fish stew.

There's a technique to making this fish soup. This technique will ensure you get a particular taste and texture. I am going to tell you that techqnic
No, im not going all Yoruba-ish on you, but this is my dad's personal method, and it has never failed to produce the same effect... the deliciously unique effect. Ohk, here's it... no big pepper. Just tomatoes, the small pepper and onions. Make sure the tomatoes and pepper are of the same quantity, then make onions half quantity, add a clove of garlic ( not a bulb). Then blend till very smooth.
‬Once you have something like that stuff in the second picture, you're good to cook...
Just follow the picture story.
 blended ingedients
 Just follow the picture story

heating palm oil

Adding blended ingredients to the heated oil

Washed pomo (cow skin) to be added along with the fresh fish

washed fish

bon apetit. Enjoy your meal.
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  1. Anonymous7/23/2015


  2. Huuh. No jor. Lol. You will spoil the taste. Dnt add anything apart from maggi( knorr) and salt.

  3. Anonymous8/08/2015

    Nice one, but pls for how long do you fry the tomatoes before adding the fish?

    1. You have to fried the tomatoes till there is no more water on need.

  4. Am salivating already

  5. Please ds dosnt look good


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