Easy Efo Riro Recipe For This Weekend

Efo Rico is one delicious Nigerian meal that originated
from Yorubaland and has now been accepted by other tribes. Very nutritious and tasty.

No tomatoes. Peppers, tatashe and plenty onions. (My mum believes the best taste comes when it's grinded on stone, but hey, this is the 21st century)

So I grinded mine with the hand grinder, manual blender, all join

Rinse, drain and steam (blanche) the vegetables

By the way, I'm going to do a post on the best way to parboil green without losing vitamins

See the small ingredients. I love pomo (cow skin) abeg, my soup is incomplete without it. 

Home Made Sharp Sharp Efo riro...
Today is the last working day for this week. I'm excited. Two full days holiday. I wish everyday was a holiday jare. Here's my sharp sharp Efo riro. You can add it to your holiday meal. Lol. You can never go wrong with it, anytime anyday.
 By the way, im going to do a post on the best way to parboil your green without making it loose it's Vitamins. In the meantime, let's continue with the cooking... # feeling like a chef😀

You know the process na, bleach your palm oil, pour in the blended peppers and let it fry. 

It's done, lol. Diary of a single lady. 
Enjoy your holiday cooking nutritious meals. bon a petit!
SeyiFunmi  Meg Ricketts


  1. Looks tasty>>> please do you know any other recipe for this vegetable:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. Yummy. Is that water leaf?

  3. If you mean other ways of using this vegetable, Yes. You could use it as a side dish in sardine or cornbeef sauce.
    I will do a post on that later nextweek.

    1. Anonymous7/17/2015

      Just tomato? Won't the veg to peperish? Or how do one make it less peperish?

    2. Anonymous7/17/2015

      Just wondering? No tomato... Won't the Veg be too peperish? What's the percentage of the pepper to the tatashe?

  4. Nice one! It looks delicious...... i honestly wont mind have a feel of the mean. Hihihihihi

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  5. Anonymous7/17/2015

    Thanks I love efo riro, now I knw I don't need tomatoes.

  6. It looks very attractive. Amala would compliment this soup

  7. What fishes did u use?


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