Ankara skirt with Black Long Sleeve Shirt

 Ankara skirt made from Ghanaian prints with a long sleeve black shirt
 Hi, good morning, it's 1am and I need to hit the bed
now, will do the post tomorrow please, just enjoy the pics.
Sweet and colorful dreams.

Did you see my new braids?

 Eya and her ankara styles, lol

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  1. I really came late o! See all the posts I've missed.
    Your neck piece is the truth! And the fit of the skirt too!

  2. Hi aunt Eya please this comment is for you alone o. Don't publish.
    This outfit is great except that the open buttons and underwear- boobtop I know, kinda makes it lose the superb look you'd have pulled off.
    So please, no more allowing even a peek of lingerie. :)


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