Why I Move To Become A Fashion Blogger At 40

Girl Just trying to be fashionable at forty. So impromptu, but sha natural landscape pics loading...

Up and Coming, Forties Mom  fashion blogger to look out for. Just watch as this foundation begins to blend better and better.
Fashion bloggers at and over 40... This may be a surprise to some, but it's actually great blogging in your forties (and, I should imagine, in your fifties, and sixties). If I were able to choose between starting a fashion blog in my twenties or in my forties - the latter would win hands down every time. I'm going to explain why fashion blogging isn't just a 20-something's game, and how you can put those years of experience into good use and also learn some amazing things - we never want to stop learning, do we...?

In recent years the number of amazing older women starting fashion and style blogs has simply exploded (sadly, not in Nigeria). And yet I still hear women of my age (40) and older saying they'd love to start a blog but it really isn't the sort of thing to do at their age (whether they're also thinking I shouldn't really be doing it I don't know - or care). What they're not realising is that there are so many advantages to fashion blogging in your maturer years over doing it in your teens or twenties - and this makes us unique amongst the huge numbers of 20-somethings.

 ... I've realised I'm glad I'm fashion blogging in my forties and not at a younger age. This is why... 

So many teens and twenties Nigerian fashion bloggers, but, I'm yet to find anyone in their forties blogging it out...
  • At this age, I know what suits, fits  and what doesn't and I want to improve on my image because image is everything and this blog will help me do just that not forgetting that my Nigerian food blog has made me a better cook and I remain truly grateful and happy I shared the little recipes I knew,and then doors opened for learning what I didn't know.
  • When you're young, you think that when you get to 40 you'll be an old lady. When you actually get to 40 and feel 20 years younger, it's pretty cool when you realise you're not the old lady you thought you'd be after all. You appreciate yourself more. 
  •  . Every "new" trend that comes around is usually a re-working of a trend you wore first time. You therefore know in advance whether you can try the trend again - or you know to leave well alone. 
  • Being older is a great USP (Unique Selling Point). There are less 40+ bloggers than 20 or even 30-something ones, so I like to advertise the fact that I'm 40 just for that reason. It makes my blog stand out more. 
  • Brands want to work with older bloggers. They are looking to target an older audience (who generally have more money to spend). 
  • You have more life experience and a more stable view of the world. I've noticed this in the writing of 40+ bloggers - they're more sure of themselves and their opinions. 
  • Readers are more intrigued by a 40 or 40+ blogger - you stand out amongst the sea of 20-somethings. No one's expecting high fashion, so in effect you have free reign to wear whatever you like. 
  • Fashion Blogging will honestly save me, sartorially-wise. Taking photos of myself every other day and studying the results on a widescreen monitor will make  me realise where I'm going wrong and what I'm doing right; I have no worries about getting older and what I should be wearing as each decade goes by. My blog will just do that for me. 
  • Dressing yourself in your forties is more of a challenge. Getting older makes it more interesting - and certainly more of a challenge - than being 22 and knowing the whole of Topshop is at your disposal. 
  • I honestly wouldn't have got the exposure I've had if I'd been 20 years younger. My age is what's I hope and pray will make my blog successful; it's what will get people talking. "Fashion bloggers 40 and over make a great topic on blogs and websites with huge readerships, and for that I'm grateful. 
  • mostly culled: Not dressed as lamb


  1. You know me6/11/2015

    You can do it but nor forget our food blog. You need to buy yourself a good camera if you are serious about this thing. I don't want to see blurry pics. You know what I mean baby.

    1. Ok o,
      no worries, wc is still on.

    2. Ok o,
      no worries, wc is still on.

  2. Anonymous6/11/2015

    the powder is too much

  3. "Fashion blogging will literally save me" is my best point, :)
    I'll definitely be watching this space.

    1. You are welcome dear..let's do this.

  4. You nailed it. Keep up the good works Eya.


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