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Nigerian fashion style, hehehe.
No, not just another Fashion blog, this one is different. See those? Are all by the young and the restless.Checked online and I can't find one Nigerian fashion blog my age. This is for me, for us the not too young. For forty and above,  for the mid-life, for the mom trying to lose weight, for you.

Hi, this is me Eya Ayambem,  a mom blogger born and raised in Nigeria. In my forties trying to still look good and inviting as I gracefully grow older. Not a Fashion designer or tailor, not a fashion police or superstar like Rita Dominique or Genevieve Nnaji, neither am I an Omotola Jolade or Toke Makinwa in the Nigerian fashion world. .
A lover of Nigerian fashion and believer in the saying "Simplicity is elegance" To me, less is more. I love to look good and young. I love to still feel comfortable when I dress up or down.
I belive that in her forties, any African woman can still look young and sexy without appearing offensive. We do not need to spend too much to look presentable.

This is my first blog post here, hoping to publish a million more before I clock 60 or 100,  God willing, lolz.

I like to look good and well dressed for less. I do not necessarily go with the fashion trend but what suits my body type. I'm not much of a wrapper and blouse woman cos I think those sometimes make me look older than I really am, lol.

I enjoy making myself up. I wear make up even at home but not to bed.  Never forgetting my baby is with me all the time so,  sometimes I consider that before dressing up.

Nigerian fashion is vast and interesting,  from flowing gowns of the south South,  Iro and buba of the South West, two wrapper and blouse from the South Eastern States to assorted dresses of the beautiful Northern woman.

On this blog, I'll share my simple lifestyle, how we do not need to rob bank to look great. I always tell myself that "I know I have a great dress sense" but in here, on this blog, YOU are the judge.

This is actually not just about me and my dress sense, everyone is free to share their tips and expertise in the field of Nigerian fashion and looking good always.

Other Nigerian fashion blogs with fashionable dressers over thirty will also be featured from time to time.

This pic was taken on Sunday after church service with my phone. This look to me is ok for any church in Naija.  I score myself 90% over a hundred, you don't have to agree with me. My Sunday dress is on point, not over the top or under dressed.  It's an A line long lace gown decorated with pieces of colourful fabric, worn over very comfortable high heeled black sandals.
Anyway,  is there any accessory or different item you feel would have looked better?
After church

What am saying here?  "Please take the shot before my smile grows too wide

Rushing to take a snapshot before the Lil chairman grabs. 
Ok, one last thing! I love to wear spanx but not today. 


  1. Cool, me likey

  2. Cool, me likey

  3. I love the new idea, I love the fact that you've decided to infuse fashion into your blogging. But I think that instead of managing two blogs, why don't you get a template designer and infuse the both blogs into one through sections, just like I did with my blog-site. I was churning out series of new blogs till a blog visitor advised me on what to do.
    I'll definitely look forward to your fashion posts. Fantastic Idea.

    1. Great idea Adaeze.thank you so much.

  4. Anonymous6/11/2015

    Nice dress and very simple and comfortable, just my kind of style.

    Can you tell me who makes your dress and how i can contact him/her am also in Abuja.


    1. Thank you.you won't like the finishing of who used to sew for me,just giveme some time to see how this new man works.ive just been introduced to him.

    2. I bought this already made.

  5. I love yellow and it looks very nice with the multi colour mix. I must confess that I'm addicted to spanx.lol

    1. You too Kizzy ? I love spanx.thanks sis

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. @Diary Of D, sis, what happened na?

  7. This is a great idea but i will go with what Adaezewrites said. Infuse the two blogs in one



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