We Dress For The Movies

 Cinema time with the girls and my boy.
 The last two girls are done with their exams and want mommy to take them to the movies for studying hard. We search Online and find interesting movies for kids and adults. They can't go to watch adult movies and I don't want to go bore myself with kids movies cos that's what always happens. I can't as a person remember when last I went to the cinema and came back feeling like "that movie was great" No, it doesn't happen that way, I sit down there with them looking at the big screen while they continue to exclaim and hold their breath and giggle. This time we agree that I'll go watch my movie while they watch theirs alone.

We get to the galleria, I remember how dark it can get before the movie starts, I remember there are more than one doors in there, I thought about all the bad things we see in home video, and I just sacrifice, and then, we go watch theirs together. Did I enjoy it? maybe a little. Did they have fun?They won't stop talking about " whatever a chance of meatballs" They continued to discuss the scenes they enjoyed until we get home and I'm happy they had fun. For my own movie enjoyment, maybe that will come in future. I go online, see interesting home video showing but can't go because I'll end up entering with the kids. Who wants to leave her girls both  under 10 alone at the movies.

The only time they were sent in to watch alone because the family members who took them, got there and decided to pocket their monies forgetting that the reason these parents gave them money to watch
too is so that these kids won't be alone in there or maybe they didn't know our intention. When the girls got home and reported that Uncles pocketed their own share of the money, and, asked them to go in alone that, "nothing will catch them" I was furious,  I didn't know what emotion to express. I asked them this question "what if after the movies you didn't see the kids come out the door with others, what would you do? What will you tell the world?  I guess that is one reason I prefer taking them to the cinema myself now, but, that sacrifice of not having to watch what I want, fine, time flies, no complain.

So, today, I wear my ankara African print top with a Black KUT straight leg trouser. My boy just loves to pull the hair now so I tie it up and we move. This African print ankara top is very convenient for any fashionably pregnant mom
How do I look today? You like?
Yay or nay?
 Just to let mommy go pose for a quick snapshot is a challenge o, boy refuses to just give me a minute break, what can I do but continue to see him appear in my pics, can't wait for him to start school abeg.
 We can view the rest as one in this animated gif to save blog space lolz.
We are back from the movies.This used to be my maternity top  while fashionably pregnant o and it's very convenient for now, with all my hard work to lose weight, I had to use this belt to show off that flat hahaha.
Fashion blogging and depending on Nigerian tailors? these two don't go together. It's very easy to just enter a boutique, pick an outfit and take pics but that's not how I want to blog, that will give me too much competition to handle, lolz. I want my fashion blog to show my creativity with combining my African prints and International/Western Fashion, adding an international twist to our fabric in a beautiful way. I don't want to just be like what we already have everywhere on the net. If I try to be like the students and the twenties then they'll beat me to it. I want to try to be myself, but, come and see tailors postponement delaying my take off.  Not just one tailor, they are all the same. Give me my dresses so that I add content to my fashion blog please na. I hate to bore my readers.

Anyway, I won't bore us at all by God's grace. Watch this space.
You think I did well or nay?


  1. First time mom6/26/2015

    Yay to me. I like the look


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