My Sunday Dress: African Print, Teal Blue little Dress With Italian Gold Shoe

 Dressed in my little dress ready for church. The short dress  has a scarf but I don't feel like tying my head today. I can count the number of times I wear a scarf especially if my braids are still neat.  He, standing there is not looking like Nigerian fashion. I wonder what he's doing here giving me the car keys to take him out. One second without mom and he appears.

 Smiling in my Nigerian fashion style with a pair of Italian Gold shoe. Don't worry about the heels,  I love to drive in heels because, I have feet that are very sensitive to any particle however small. This dress was sewn longer than this and, I refused to wear it. Thankfully the tailors disappointed again and I picked it up, reduced the lemgth with my scissors and used needle and thread to hem. See how tailors are bringing out my creativity? If only my sewn goods were delivered, I would
never have thought of re sizing this dress with a pair of scissors, thread and needle. My  Home Economics teacher did a good job. Truly, no knowledge is wasted. Because I'm dropping some calories, it looked too big so, I altered some parts to fit. All the beautiful ladies who complimented me in this dress eh? if only they know how my creativity fixed a lot of things. It looked good on me. I walked  confidently to my seat.

 This little dress, like I said, turned out this way, all thanks to my little knowledge on  needle and thread  use. The tailors think they are smart but now I have learnt that I can always alter my dresses to fit. I did regret cutting this short but Hubby says he loves it that way so, who am I not to wear what will make him smile. I prayed silently though, that the zipper doesn't give way in church because that's what happens when a dress is left for too long. I kept listening to that zipper at the back and even kept a scarf in my bag just in case but, there was no incident.

 The neck piece is another gift from Dubai. I'm very sure that  if I look for it here in  Abuja, I'll find, to help me know the cost. The wrist watch is my ladies Seiko watch that has lasted with me for some long years and is still very loyal. I wish the chain is bigger, but  I still love her. She came at a time when I wanted small chains, not anymore. Now,  I prefer big watches. Dressed up and taking pictures for my fashion blog, and then, you can see how the kids won't just let me be o. First the baby is released to come meet mommy, next, he stands by me waiting to be picked up. He wasn't picked and you can see that pic where he grabbed my dress and won't take it anymore. See another pic where he is being handed over to me  Eya that is posing for camera o. I love dresses with some sleeve even if it's short sleeve. Sleeveless dresses have a way of showing big arms and making one look bloated like Christian mother hand. I know this little dress would have  looked really great in short sleeves. 
How Do I look in this dress? better than the old pics I guess? Making plans to get a better camera for this fashion blog.
Happy Sunday and have fun!


  1. Anonymous6/28/2015

    Lovely,I'll sew this dress style

  2. Your dress is lovely and you have a good blog here.

    1. Thanks Chineze, I love your ankara in contemporary mix. Nice

  3. Anonymous8/07/2015

    Hello Eyah! I stumbled on your fashion blog and i must commend you for deciding to venture into this new turf. However in the spirit of encouragement(and i hope you see it that way too) I 'd like to nudge you towards my school of thoughts as it concerns fashion;).
    You need to up your game style wise. Your style is simple and decent but that's largely it. You need to experiment more with colors and accessories. You know, make a style statement. define a new style trend if possible. This is after- all a fashion blog. we should be coming this way to learn and see new stuff as it were.....

    Give it some thought and good luck *winks*


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