My Foreign Top With African Ankara Skirt

I can see there's plenty room for improvemet, we are getting there soon.
Some days have passed without updates. don't worry, no problem, For now, I can't promise us  daily posting on this my Naija fashion style but I'll be consistent. This black top is a mango top I bought during their summer sales, 70% off original cost, so, it was actually very cheap and I bought them in different colours to wear until next summer sales, lol. Do not forget I'm a teacher and  can comfortably wear this to work but with a shorter belt. Well, my ankara skirt and this top flow very well together and don't say I didn't warn you o. Remember my first post on this blog? where I confessed I don't have a wardrobe to die for but will do fashion blogging to help me sit up and do better. Ok, I also warned about re-rocking o, that's until those new outfits arrive sha.

You have done well Eya, It's not easy to look this great at 40 jor, however, forty doesn't mean old, you are still young, sit up.

Sister Eya, if you know that sincerely you want to be a correct Nigerian fashion blogger for us the above thirties, go get a good camera and stop depending on a Samsung Galaxy camera images, was it snowing when you took these pictures? yes we know, you were told that Samsung phone cameras are very good but see now, do you like how these pics look or is that you cannot fix the settings of that phone camera?

Anyway, it's not only that the pictures are not clear, dear Aunty Eya, kindly bend your head down and look at the belt on your waist, is that how you tie your belt? Is the belt too long or you just forgot to
hook it properly? Let me tell you, because you cook very well does not mean you can deceive us here o. by the way, We know how your food pics used to look before the little improvement.
 Here, it's fashion and not food, there is no room for play or, haven't you seen other Nigerian fashion blogs on the internet? Go read them and learn please.

Get a good photographer and do some good photoshoots for this blog before I vex for you Eya.  This pair of  black sandals, you posted them before, why repeat? I don't believe that you can't find another pair of shoe in your closet, don't lie.
Please, please, pleas, don't bore me, I come here with my hard earned megabites and the only thing I demand of you is good pictures of awesome outfits...

 Eya, you yourself look at this pose. Judge yourself before I open my mouth

This Aunty Eya sef, must she always shove this her baby in our faces? Is the blog or you and him? Please o, allow the baby to rest.

 Well, you try small but you can do better 

Now, how is this a fashion blog photo? it's not your selfies we are looking for sis, give us PHOTOS with correct Abuja landscape, please, show us a little about Abuja through your blog o. Hope you don't plan on sitting in your house and taking pics for a fashion blog, try harder you hear?

Hahahaha, Eya won't kill person today  with her zigzag white  belt, do you know a black belt would have looked better on this outfit? JJC.
 LMAO, is the shirt folded at the back or just shorter than the front? There is no harm in smiling.

Thank you, you are doing great with weight loss

Ok, you try small but next time, try your best to crop images of other people out ok?
 Nice try here but???

Wow! ten over ten except for the colour and brightness

So, you feeling here like one Sassy Mama abi?

 If I tell you guys that there's lipstick on this my lips eh, you won't believe, if I tell you my eyebrows were well done, you won't belive, Even if I insist that there's primer, foundation and powder on this face, will you believe?

 I remember when when I was a student kwa?

Final posing for our viewing pleasure

Have Fun!


  1. New comer6/19/2015

    Lol, Enjoyed myself reading this.

  2. lol..Ma'am Eya who is writing all those inscriptions too funny! just try to get a good camera and perfect them fashion blogger poses lol Weldone.

  3. Anonymous6/22/2015

    this woman sef u too funny


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