My Fashion Style Is Creativity Over Cost

I did a DIY for this dress, made it fit in less than 20 minutes. No sewing machine needed if you don't have. Although I have one because I wanted to learn how to make my outfits myself, or alter to my satisfaction but time didn't let me learn. I never got that free time to learn how to sew. This machine is just wasting here if only I knew how to sew or mend with it, altering a dress should not take more than 10 minutes.  My needle and thread did a good job. I love the dress now. You saw me wear it to church on Sunday.

Budget-friendly-fashion-blogging is my style. When I need inspiration for outfits especially while getting ready for an upcoming event, many times, what I find on fashion blogs is designer wears. There's nothing wrong with designer shoe, designer bags, wrist watches, hair, and powerful designer clothes. I enjoy reading the posts but can't bring myself to pulling those outfits, that purchasing power/muscle is yet to come o. If I have the means, why not?  If I earn millions of naira or dollars or even pound sterling,  then nothing will stop me creating a Nigerian fashion blog with all the latest designer items. I'd be the happiest mom fashion blogger if I could daily update this blog with outfits from Nigeria' a best, but the cost.

Creativity is what I think is going to sustain this blog. I'll for now take creativity over cost. I like my
readers to get inspiration and be able to bear the cost. My outfit posts may not come in daily as I work from home for now and do not dress up all the time. I think there will be many DIY posts, sharing with you guys how I turn badly tailored outfits to wow outfits. There will be posts showing how one outfit can be worn in different ways to create varied looks but I promise not to bore us with repetition. I will by God's grace bring new content to the table, regularly.

 I used the measuring tape to know the length I wanted, cut it longer by 1 inch to enable me fold before hemming. Picked the sewing thread that matches most and voom the hemming is done and worn. That extra there could have been used as a scarf if I wanted to. Quite Easily Done!
In fashion blogging, being creative is very important because it saves cost and readers can relate with you. From time to time, I might just shop because I realise now that I've become more conscious of how I look at all times. I might shop now more than in the past but one thing is sure ..."shopping on a budget" There is one habit that comes with fashion blogging, if one is not careful, they start buying on credit until you are neck deep in debt. Collecting items one cannot afford just for outfit posts might be fun but not really helpful in the long run. I want to buy what I need,  what I can love and continue to wear even after the blog post. If I were younger, maybe I wouldn't think this way. A younger fashion blogger would prefer to impress and wow while enjoying the efizzy but right now, I want to entertain and still  inspire.

With every added year comes wisdom and even responsibilities. Mom fashion bloggers are the best if one is looking for budget friendly shopping or creativity. Fashion should not be all about shopping even when one cannot afford those. Fashion blogging should teach me things I didn't know, things I can share with others, help us save some money as we manage other responsibilities too.

I am thinking about a lot of things right now, especially after waiting fruitlessly for weeks on tailors who keep giving one excuse after the other. My brain is thinking outside the box and I love it. The little teal blue dress came on board while thinking "fashion creativity" Belside the little dress is the piece of cloth I cut off, before altering the length and width with my needle and thread.


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