Leave Toke Makinwa Alone, A Man That'll Cheat...

Nothing lasts forever, Toke Makinwa did her best.
A few people on Social media are blaming Toke for her husband's irresponsible action, this particular Twitter user below has just made me defensive for her who is going through so much at this time. A woman scorned. 

Toke Makinwa has gone through a lot, seen a lot in her young life, don't forget how she lost both parents in a fire at an early age. Do you care to know how she got to where she is? This married woman is a celebrity and that's how busy they are for heaven's sake. Was she supposed to abandon her career after marriage or what? He saw that busy schedule before wifing her. 

Yes, maybe she needed to have spent more time at home, maybe she gave too much time to her job, but come, does anyone know why a married woman continues to be that busy after marriage? what if that was her escape from toxicity? what if keeping busy made her happy? Look, you see marriage? it's not always what it seems. Don't be deceived by social media.  Posting positivity there could be an escape mechanism. For everyone blaming her for not cuddling more to make babies, do you think she hates babies or you think she has never given it to him? See, let me tell you something, babies are given by God, it's a mystery even Science has no explanation, what do you think about perfectly normal, medically fit couple who wait for years. He waited two years, kudos, others have waited for twenty years. I hope DNA proves the baby is truly his sha, the woman is not always to blame.

Did Maje truly love Toke? did he marry her to save face? he alone knows. That whole break

up buzz then, and while the bashing is still on, we hear of a secret wedding. How can Toke of all people have a secret wedding? Toke Makinwa the people's lady, the celebrity that gets paid to attend events, the one that would have loved to show off her wedding dress, food and venue, yes, I know because she likes show off and her social media handles can attest to that.What happened to a Society wedding? a dream wedding for Toke? Her secret wedding passed, we never heard of a traditional African wedding, neither did we hear of a registry wedding. Do you think that she Toke didn't really want friends at her wedding? I can feel that she has been fighting all through to keep this man and avoid shame. He married her secretly, who knows if that was to please his ex and keep their affair going. If his ex was that perfect, why the break up in the first place? why the "ex" in the whole thing? If he couldn't afford a society wedding, Toke accepted what he could give and took all the bashing and thousands of missed calls from friends expressing disappointment.  S o much work! 

 When a man marries you for reasons other than truly wanting you by his side, that marriage may last 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years without truly working. You spend your entire life on earth struggling to make it work, without ever enjoying marital life.You just stay married for "keeping up appearances sake", and to be seen as successful and happily married. See some of his tweets below, read from down up:

Should Toke had become a full time house wife or changed carreer to keep her man from cheating? Husbands of stay-home-wives do cheat too. Our very own Omotola Jalade is another example of a very busy Nigerian celebrity, how many girls did her husband impregnate? NONE! Some wives work in different cities from their husbands and only see on weekends yet there are no illegitimate kids in between. Many husbands in this country have their wives and families abroad while they work here,  they do not go about impregnating exes. 

Maje should be blamed for living a lie, Keeping a wife like Toke and back-packing his ex girlfriend along. Why didn't he marry his ex then? Cheating and getting another woman pregnant is disrespectful, if that woman is an ex, it's even more disrespectful and hurting. If I were Toke,however the pressure to end it,  I won't leave to nowhere, I'll stay and accept your apology, then, let's see which court will grant legitimacy to your "love child" *HissingInChinese.

 There are men with very busy wives and yet won't dream of cheating not to talk of raising babies with ex girl friends. A man that'll cheat will cheat.

Rising above the storm, she posts this on her instagram page:


  1. Anonymous6/16/2015

    I sympathies with her. All i know is a cheating man is a cheating man no matter what

  2. Tnx Aunty Eya u have said it all I know is dat she is a strong woman and God will straighten her

  3. You are totally right

  4. Anonymous6/21/2015

    U couldn't have said it any better

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