How To Wear Red And Orange Together

Your yummy momma, babe  in red and orange. My Riri girl refused to take this particular pic because according to her, I should just "stand straght" like a mommy and stop all these things, but, for where? I insisted and even tipped her and promised that if it looks awkward we'll delete. After snapping, she changed her mind. In her words " Mom, why are you trying to become a model after five kids? lol.
Here is my My summer outfit. Where? can't find summer in Nigeria so, let's say, my Rainy season wear. You have seen me in this dress before, on the other blog but, not with red shoe or purse, it was combined with brown then and I'm warning you ahead of time that I'll repeat a lot. Rocking and re- rocking is my thing. I alerted you guys earlier that I don't have a wardrobe to die for o. What I have is what I share and like my daughter keeps saying " Mummy why do you want to be a fashion blogger when you don't have a wardrobe to die for? How many pairs of shoe and fashionable bags do you have in this house?" Well,like I told her, I'm telling us too now o. One good thing about being a fashion blogger is that it will help me do away with my fashion carelessnes, it will definitely make me sit up in the fashion department. I'll begin to want to look good and, who says that, is not great for my marriage? Looking at my small wardrobe, I suddenly realise I can do better, there's room for improvement. In my shoe department and jewelry, they are mainly items I get as gifts,

For the first timr this year, I invited a tailor to come look and make some good dresses for me cos
whether I like it or not, I want and need mostly original content for this blog and, it has to come from looking good. I realised that since I started this blog, I am trying my best to look beautiful even when at home, unlike me that can just stay with no make up until there's need to go out.

Today, I dare to look different in an orange dress with a red shoe, only the bold can try this I bet you. It's not easy to wear all bright colours and feel good in your skin. Nor ask me the designer abeg o. The dress has no name for now. It's something I saw hanging in a boutique, wanted to pick a red but this orange looked better when I tried both.

There's already a before and after the fashion blog look ...

. When I wore this dress before fashion blogging, it didn't look so gorgeous you can see, I didn't really pay attention to details like, for instance, there was no push-up-bra there, I just wore my normal maternity bra then, exactly one year this month. There was no spanx inside and you can see the difference now. Wearing a spanx and a push up bra for my bust is what made a huge difference. I can't wear very tight ones though. Those body shapers can make you uncomfortable the whole day. I like the ones with spandex and bamboo combined because, they are not hot at all and can stretch easily while taking care of any unforeseen bulges like christian mother thighs.

 For now, any available person is my photographer, it's impromptu and I am looking forward to getting a great camera. My Canon camera has worked a lot taking food pictures and needs a break or some sort of retirement right now. I don't like the pics this Samsung phone gives me either, sometimes they are wow, at other times they look blurry and not good. I think I need to consult with some photographer for tips on buying a good camera because that's a necessity at this time.

Don't be scared, I won't bore with repetitions, will try to come out with varied looks but again, I like to look different. I don't like the kind of dressing or outfit that helps me disappear in a small crowd, I like to be outstanding and to be remembered, that kinda guides when I chose outfits.

 It's not easy to pose for pishure

 Yeah, cool

 Even this orange  accessory on my neck  is a birthday gift that waited patiently for years because I didn't know what to combine with her. A professional would have packed this braids back to prevent unnecessary distraction and give a clean neck area, but here is amateur things na. Professional in the making.
 Women's Orange Coat, Black Tank, Tan Leopard Suede Clutch, Red Skinny Jeans, and Tan Leopard Leather Pumps
If you don't agree with red and orange, ok, check out this model above na, better camera tinz... image courtesy:

 This lovely dress cost me below 20k sef , the shoe and purse are even more expensive but eveything nor even reach 50 thousand. The neck not included o.

 Through the window, he sees mummy adjusting, taking pics outside  and how can he be left out of so much fun, now, rushing to grab me while I beg for someone to please take him inside, and their responses are " Is he not your baby? or you don't want your blog visitors to know that you have a baby at home?
Before, see my chest begging for a raise? Sure you like the lipstick  :0

 Before, one year earlier, three months after giving birth, reason for picking this dress in the first place was to enable me breastfeed easily but just unzipping the side. see the chest and stomach? LMAO
 Life begins at forty! let's go.
Have fun!


  1. Anonymous6/12/2015


  2. Anonymous6/13/2015

    Aunty Eya could you pls go for eyebrow tutorial. You can't be dulling naa, ur brows need to be up to date. Thank you

  3. Lol. Good one. My only concern is d eye brows. Not that I'm any better o. Lol. You keep doing your thing. With time and more research cum trial and error, everything will be fine

    1. Lol, I had to scroll back up to look at them again. I need help o.

  4. Nice. . . .but this your eyebrow na one in town o

    1. I'll try Youtube again, watched before and I thought I improved. But this is what suits my face o. I remember some years back when someone did make up for me, those curvy brows didn't look good on me at all, I had to do my normal normal at last.

  5. Anonymous6/14/2015

    Just visited WC and got linked to this. I can't help lol, we have a lot of things in common , mother of five as well, with the last boy being 2.Had to equally be home just for d last baby (tho dusting my shoes to be out and about again )He came when I thought I've hang my booths. So I quite understand you more. Every dressing revolve round him. You are freer now that there's no more breastfeeding. I feel so encourage reading this blog.U made my day. Thanks for making me lol.

    1. Did I type this in my dream/ de ja vu? My anon sister, God bless you for this comment.

  6. Nice one..... Eya, how things can change so fast. I remember does days that we (fans)were all looking foward to see your pix but no ways.....You are nolonger shy to post you pix, neither am I shy drop my comment...hihihihihi *covering my face* I overcame shyness when I started my blog and BBM Channel...... I mustnt forget to tell you that... Over fine dey worry you...*big smile*

    1. Hahahahaha, yes SK. I was very shy but now I can post even a pic of me eating.. Thanks.


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