Feeling free And Casual At Home

This look, growing up, nothing would have given me the guts to wear a "perforated dress" like they were called.  Wear lipstick, foundation, primer, eyeliner and even eye shadow? The penalty for those is small compared to the one for earrings and a three quart short.

I've really come a long way and these pretty daughters laughing every time I pose for photos, if only you girls know how mom was raised and how she turns out, you'd nominate me for a "most improved mommy" award.
I still remember clearly, the very first day earrings touched my ears, tiny white studs . It felt so good I couldn't take them off and sincerely that was the beginning of the end of my membership of the church" cult" I never would have referred to that life as a cult life kind of, but watching some churchcult programmes on TV, the difference between what these adherent and prophet followers believe and practice is not far from my sanctified brethren then. I loved that life so much, saw myself as the most fortunate to be born into a family where we forbade the things of the world :)

The very first day I tied a scarf to school, in Junior Secondary (JSS) 3, my intent was to walk through the school gate with my head covered because a woman's head is her crowning glory and mustn't be seen by any except her husband. I walked all the way, we were just three girls with scarfs on looking so different from the rest of the students. When I walk close to any group and suddenly they begin to hush hush, just knew that conversation has to be about me and my believing, sanctified, restituted, cleansed in the blood of the lamb, sisters but we are not of this world so we March on.  At the gate, no one suggested to the other but we all wrapped up our scarfs and kept in our school bags. After that unsuccessful attempt to wear a scarf to school to prove our different lifestyle, I never tried it again and neither did any of the other two girls. Was our belief to weak to look the principal in the face and say "this is how we want to dress henceforth cos our belief doesn't allow hair show off?

Growing up that way has made me always feel like I missed a lot and if possible would want to meet up with all I missed out on except for drinking sha. My bigger girls tell me that when bored at school, all they need to laugh is their funny mommy. To me, it's catching up while to them mom does funny things sometimes like wear very pink lipstick as if she's still a teenager, lol.

Yesterday I posted my outfit to church and well, let's not expect that I'll look very dressy everyday. You know why I can't look dressed up daily? Because it won't be honest. If I go out daily like you do, then dressing up daily would be the truth but, honestly, since I had my son, you saw him beside me on yesterday's post. He is just 15 months and his arrival changed everything because the agreement reads No
daycare, no nanny, mommy has to raise him herself. So you see why I haven't worked outside since I gave birth, with this, all still fine because sometimes moms can't figure out what to comfortably wear at home, we sweat it out in tight dresses or big loose gowns that cannot make us look attractive.
If I have to post daily, then I have to post me sometimes with just a camisole and jegging or shorts or even me in a sexy pyjamas or night gown so I guess we understand the journey now? It's going to be REAL,  not FIXED,  not acted out,  unedited because I love to see reality, to show my mistakes, good dress sense and even epic fails. I must warn you, don't have a wardrobe to die for, don't have a zillion pair of shoes but I'll try my utmost best. After church, we get home and head into the kitchen for lunch looking like these pics below.
Have Fun laughing.


  1. You look beautiful for you age madam Eya

    1. Wow,thank you Tosin.#smilingAtForty

  2. Replies
    1. Welcome Itunu. Thanks for this sweet name:)

  3. Looking good Aunt Eya:)
    I want to ask the name of the church but then, maybe I'd rather not know;)

    1. Hahaha, diary of Dido,I didn't wear this to church.changed into it when I got back home.

  4. The eyebrow is much better. Thumbs up.


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