Fashionably Pregnant Styles

 She is gorgeous from head to toe but you know you can always adapt and customize, wear  block heels if you can't step on these, falling while pregnant is not allowed unless when it's unavoidable
like stepping on  say, urm... a banana peel.  Not breaking a heel cos of baby and mom's heavy weight.

Images by Kamdora.

Okay, here's to the mailer that requested to see my pregnancy styles, I had to search Online because
can't find photos of me pregnant :)  I'm sure these will inspire you even more than seeing me in a chic wrapper and blouse with low cut hair..

 Even if pregnant at 50, you can actually wear everything here. Her look is very elegant. This outfit you can wear at any age or size.

 Pregnancy looks good on you chic mom, Any pregnant mom of any age can rock this outfit and look great. You are dressing for two and if Nigerian wonderful roads won't let you walk comfortably in these heels, get something more comfortable for your pregnant feet, or, better still, if it's an event, wear your flats and only change while at the venue to be safe. If you can comfortably walk on stones, empty cellophane bags of pure water, sand and broken bottles without tripping, then, great, do it.

 Ten over ten pregnant look for me! You know this is the type of pregnancy that traditional midwives will predict it's a boy. This belly shape with the navel pointing up like that, in our naija native settings, it's a baby boy. If you are pregnant and this chic, tell me why hubby won't stay home admiring you all day.

 Fashionably pregnant, Please remove eye from the shoe unless your lovely pocket can carry. This look is so damn expensive and beautiful, I think the most expensive of all 6 on this post.

 Who says only the very young pregnant mom can wear this outfit, you can comfortably pull this,  Beautifully pregnant and fresh looking mom.

Times have drastically changed, if you live in Nigeria and are younger than moi, then you won't have any idea of what I'm thinking right now... Those good old days as a young girl maybe in Primary or secondary school, we recognized pregnancy by the tired, plain, boubou, no makeup, dry cracked lip look. The pregnant mom most times looked pale, and carried a small can or bottle about for help with excessive saliva. Her heels looked whitish like they are not oiled or moisturised. When you pass by antenatal wards during antenatal clinics in hospitals then, all you see are boubou, wrapper and blouses or iro and bubas, very Big tops o. And then, walking seemed very difficult especially in their last trimester. One could hear the slapping sound of slippers dragging on the hospital floor struggling to carry two.

It's not like pregnancy symptoms have changed, no, everything is still the same with morning sickness, excessive salivating, weakness and all, but, what has changed is the modern Nigerian woman who is doing her very best to still look good while dressing up and eating for two. Looking good while pregnant especially at 8, 9 months? Those are days you don't even feel like getting out of bed in the morning, you hate the fragrances you onced used to love, even soap and cream smell bad. Your favourable cologne becomes something you can't even touch. Walking in heels? how? when  lifting up empty feets alone is like work. 

Pregnancy at all three trimesters still the way it used to but, the Nigerian woman has certainly stepped up not listening to moods and feelings. Looking good while pregnant is very good business for both mom and Dad.    
All Images courtesy: Kamdora.


  1. this is so nice and really fashionable.


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