Dressing Up, Time For Business

 How to combine black, white and red colors in an outfit without stress
 Fashion blogging has a way of making one dig deep into closets and boxes and bags and even boutiques. Who would have thunk that I'll ever wear this floral print skirt by Petite? A skirt I so condemned, added to items I wanted to give away and then retrieved it again. This came along with my affordable Walmart dresses last year, dresses that I felt made me fat.

 Today is the first time I wear this skirt and it feels comfortable. I went about feeling confident and not feeling bloated in any way, maybe because I lost weight and according to my girl, "there's still a lot to lose' however for me, the owner of this body, I think I've lost enough and only needs to drop a few calories and then, just work on toning up my muscles and firming these arms and others. 

It's a miracle that I can wear this long sleeve shirt again, I found it while digging last night courtesy of disappointing Nigerian tailors. There was a time I couldn't wear this black long sleeved shirt because baby weight won't let me. The last time I tried it on, no button came close to it's  button hole, but, see me today buttoning with ease. Weight loss is healthy and very good, the only thing I'm not very ok with, is that sick look  it gives one's face. Immediately after losing, especially if it's drastic, the face kinda looks pale, aside that, I love to look slim and young.

You have seen this pair of  red heels rocked with an orange dress, it's not new but looks like it. The neck is borrow pose. That's my daughter's, she is not around and I like it. It's already back in her
 How do I look in this outfit? I think super, The canon camera will not fall my hand, or, is it my home trained photographer shaking her hands while clicking?
 View the other pictures below:
 Dress up can be fun and fashion blogging it is. If you are looking for an inspiration to look good at all times, start a fashion blog.  Without a fashion blog to update,, nothing would have made me think of dressing like this when I actually did not go too far from the house. I am that kind of woman that can just slip her feet into her slippers, enter the car and zoom off without caring but right now, things have changed. I try to look my best because I might just need to update this Nigerian fashion blog.
I went to the bank to complete my Bank verification number, the queue was very long, I guess everyone waited until it's almost deadline before moving. Thankfully, it's done today.  I can now rest from bank BVN issues.
Have fun viewing!


  1. Anonymous6/27/2015

    I like this outfit but doesn't it make you look fat?

    1. Thanks Anon, no, I feel very confident in it.

  2. Anonymous6/30/2015

    You look great! I loooove d shoes! I just wish your hair was better. Maybe shorter or side parted. Aside that you look goood to me. Combo lovely! *Wink*


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