Dressed For Grocery Shopping This Weekend

 This is me Eya Ayambem, simply casual at forty, we are getting there.

I'm sneaking out because the girls want to come along, and, right now,  not in that mood for a contract. This contract happens with some talk and not today abeg. Before I realised that we could come into an agreement before getting to the shop, it was more fun for my girls than me. They always looked forward to accompanying mom while I looked forward to sneaking to the shop and returning with an apology. Why? Once inside, they know mommy won't scream in public and will try her best to be civil, so, what follows? Kids picking their choice items and dropping in the cart or pointing at items at very crowded areas to make it hard for civil mom to ignore, and, while a little raising of the voice can control others, I have one, every body says she is the only one that looks like me sha o.

This my baby girl doesn't feel embarrased crying in public. she's only seven, knows very well how to manipulate with tantrums, and how to embarass to herown advantage. If she goes shopping with me and picks items I reject, she immediately starts giving signs of a possible tantrum. I am now a professional sneaker that can get out without anyone knowing and then get my bag passed to me through another way. An apology is always easier after the deed is done.
Here I'm sneaking out and hushing for a quick pic to be taken without camera clicking sounds.

Anyway, that's by the way as I don't have to sneak anymore. Just that "I nor wan pep talk right now" . we get to the venue or shop, I turn my head around and ask who wants to wait in the car? Ofcourse no one would stay. Then I give my conditions. " If you know that you'll go picking or pointing at items
that are not on mommy's budget, then wait for us but, if you want to come in, then promise me there'll be no pointing or picking. Once this agreement is reached, we go picking only what is on the Shopping list even though with some long faces that can be pacified with  ice cream, so, mommy wins.
Ok, it's past midnight and I can no longer keep my head up, everyone is asleep except blogger Eya who'll definitely be first to wake up.
Good night.

Here, I go alone and feel so young in this simple look.
 Fashionable at forty

 Can we go shopping without stress? Too much in a hurry and forgot to wear my friendly spanx today but not to worry the stomach is no longer bulging as baby is over a year now

 Looking forward to when mommy will be completely free of baby weight, with determination, with God, everything is possible

 Simply casual heading out to do some shopping.
Feeling young and beautiful. Forty is not young, and is NOT OLD either.
Sweet dreams!
Have Fun dreaming and smiling!


  1. Anonymous6/22/2015

    u look absolutely great

  2. I like, but those shoes I love, looks very comfortable. I think the only thing that needs an upgrade is just your camera

    1. Yes o, Baskin dear you are right about the camera.

    2. Yes o, Baskin dear you are right about the camera.

  3. You look good! See how trim your tummy looks beneath the top!
    *side eyes* you didn't give any tips on this o even on wives connection!


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