Dressed For Fun With My Combination Of African Fabric With Western Fashion

Dressed for fun at a cassava farm.
 Nothing serious here, the mood is just fun. I am not going too far away and not feeling denim or skirt so, I tie this Senegalese wrapper with a black short sleeve shirt. The wrapper has a tailored blouse that I would have loved to wear if I was going to church or even an important event. I am not in a dressy mood so I just wear whatever I feel. The Senegalese is sewn like a long skirt but  has a rope to tie round the waist. Would a pink top have been better? I don't think so. A pink top would have made no big difference, it would have shown no creativity on my side. With a pink or blue top, I'll still look like "too easily put together"  Ok, this black sandal again? Yes o. It's so comfortable for me carrying a baby around. The heels are just right at this time and it is the only black sandal here with these block heels. I can't take the risk of falling face down with my baby because of guy and fashion blogging. Let's re-rock for now eh? when he is a bit independent or in school, we begin to rock different heels and trip over if we like.
 The blue earrings

 these dangling blue earrings are fine, black earrings would have looked great too, now, we are returning back home from the cassava farm.

I told you how I got jewelry gifts from Dubai, this pair of blue earrings is one of them and, if I had
started this fashion blog then, I would definitely have taken note of the labels before disposing. The earrings are very lovely in blue and not too heavy to carry even for a whole day.

My Jordana nail polish is what I think I deserve an award from Jordana cosmetics for, because, I have all the colors I know, the ones I love and the ones I only wear because my girls think my favorite nail polish colors are boring. You know, if I tell you I didn't know nail polish could be changed three to four times a week, you may not believe. I got tired of my nails chapping, nail polish peeling at about every three days after. I blamed my soft nails all these while, using even powerful nail strengtheners. Anyway, Google search helped me out. I had to search for how often ladies changed nail polish. wharra hell? I couldn't fathom why every time you see some posh ladies, their polish looks sparkling new and fresh and I have always thought it's because they have good nails. Well, other women's comments helped me realize that, I didn't change them polish fast enough, so, now I change like three times a week and I like it. To really get it dry with a perfect finish, mom has to be last retire to bed, so, it's done while everyone, including my little chairman, is in bed dreaming. I love that the nails just matched perfectly with this Senegalese wrapper, even without my planning that. My Jordana matte lipstick is always with me in different colors even though bright colors like pink that I like, do not really look good on me.

 For this bit of smooth face, I used my Avon primer with Mac foundation and then covered with Mary Kay, but, I won't advise any one to mix different brands like that, just happens that when I need foundation and compressed powder, it's always that my skin shade is found in different brands and that's how I continue to mix. For Mac, hearing about it like it's some diamonds? the reason I bought to try and see the studio smooth face it will create but honestly, I think my face still looks like when I apply Mary Kay or Black Opal foundation, or, maybe that's because I don't have the Mac compressed or powder to go with it. If I had a good camera sha, you would have seen that my face is a bit smooth, not bad at all.  The black shirt is a Nordstrum rack shirt and I got a little help with my lovely spanx size L/XL to help keep away unsightly bulges if any o. Let's stop here for now na, am I supposed to list everything on my body ni?

Before we leave, that's not the spanx showing on my shirt, I had to wear a camisol because, some full cleavage was too much out there.

I think I killed it here with this wrapped  wrapper and shirt, what is missing is a small black scarf that I wanted to use but couldn't find courtesy, my wardrobe searchers and scatterers who won't let my things be the way I leave them.I think  I'm good with scarfs and I also think that absent look would have definitely bought you over. Do you sometimes dress just for fun, abi always dressed to the nines?
You can view the rest of the  pics as one below:
Having fun in an African wrapper and a Western Nordstrum rack shirt.
How do I look today?


  1. Anonymous6/25/2015

    Hello Eya,

    Trying to be fashionable @ 40 is no easy feat especially if you still have children under the age of 4 that still depend on you. More particularly if you are a stay @ home mum with house chores and cooking to do. Not that one can't get help to take off some stress, my husband and I have decided to keep strangers off our home for now. Sometime ago I stumbled on this fashion website and wow I get my inspiration from there fashion wise. Will encourage you to go check it out. Stay blessed. #abimbola

  2. Anonymous6/25/2015

    My apologies, here is the website : nhncouture.com

  3. Thank you once again for your love and willingness to share your feelings..

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